Importance Of Oiling And Massaging Your Hair


The fondest memories of my childhood include the time I spent with my grandma – listening to fairy tales as she gently massaged some oil on my scalp and hair. The sweet, warm, aromatic concoction of coconut oil, powdered fenugreek seeds and hibiscus petals still lingers in my senses. Although I would fuss about the routine every night, I couldn’t be more grateful to my grandma for all those head massages (which, by the way, guarantee a peaceful and sound sleep!) I don’t think my hair would have withstood all the chemical damage if it wasn’t for the TLC that I enjoyed at the hands of my grandma. After 15 years today, I’ve realized the importance of oiling one’s hair regularly. These days, hair oils have become a global phenomenon. Only they have been replaced with exotic luxe oils that promise healthy and super glossy tresses. Whether you choose the good ol’ concoctions or the new age luxe ones, oiling your hair regularly is really, really important. Here’s why: 

Oiling your hair helps in hair growth and prevents early balding

Oiling your hair helps in hair growth and prevents early balding

Stimulate hair growth: Our hair growth is directly related to what kind of nourishment it gets. Think about what would happen to your body if you were starved for months and left in a desert. That’s exactly what your hair must be going through if you don’t feed it well for months. Most girls have admitted that they oil their hair once in a few months, but that’s exactly why their hair growth has stunted! Oiling your hair regularly helps provide your hair with the much-needed nourishment. Oil replenishes the hair, and the massage improves blood circulation which in turn stimulates hair growth.

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Prevent bacterial infections: Using chemical-based shampoos, serums and other hair products results in clogging of the pores on your head. This leads to contamination with fungi, and the resulting infections can give rise to hair lice and dandruff.

Strengthen hair shaft: Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, which has its root at the epidermis. The harmful UV rays of the sun, pollution in the environment and chemical damage that hair products do to our hair strips some of the keratin. This results in weak, limp hair. But oiling your hair regularly can easily bring it back to life!

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Add shine and luster: Who wouldn’t want shiny, silky and lustrous hair? Hair shines when it is healthy, and massaging your hair with good quality oil can add more shine and luster to your hair, making it stronger than ever! And stronger hair means, you can carry any hairdo whatsoever!

Prevent dandruff and spilt-ends: If your scalp is stripped off its natural oils, it’s bound to get dry and flaky. Oiling your hair every night before bed will prevent dandruff and split-ends by infusing your scalp and hair shaft with a good dose of moisture.

Regular oil massage has been known to cure split-ends effectively

Regular oil massage has been known to cure split-ends effectively

Tackle pre-mature graying: These days, premature-graying of hair is alarmingly common in youngsters too. It occurs due to lack of vitamins and protein in the food or sometimes due to hormonal and genetic reasons. Regularly massaging your hair with oil helps to retain the color of your hair, thus giving you darker, shinier and healthier hair.

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There are a number of other benefits of regularly oiling and massaging your hair, but we think these reasons are more than enough for anyone of us to start oiling our hair straight away! ;)

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