In 3 Easy Steps, Re-build Stamina After You Quit Smoking


Deciding to quit smoking is hands down one of the healthiest choices you could ever make. I don’t need to remind all the smokers or warn all the non-smokers that the habit is truly fatal and it can easily damage your lungs to a great deal. But none of that should bother you if you finally decided to kick the butt. There are chances that since your body is still craving nicotine, you’re feeling a bit restless. But, rest assured that your heart and lungs will begin to grow stronger within weeks of your last cigarette. But, of course, you’ll have to do much more than simply stop smoking if you want your lost strength and stamina back.

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Here are a 3 simple steps with which you can re-build your stamina after you quit smoking.

Exercise regularly to re-build your stamina

Exercise regularly to re-build your stamina

Exercise on a daily basis: Cardiovascular exercises like swimming, running, jumping or simply brisk walking are necessary for a strong and healthy heart. These exercises also cause you to breathe in more clean air, thus giving your lungs a much-needed workout.

Note to self: just breathe

Note to self: just breathe

Practise breathing exercises: Because smoking can break down your endurance, you may have difficulty trying to be consistent in your exercise regimen. Breathing exercises can repair and strengthen your endurance levels even after years of smoking. Try this: Breathe in very slowly using either your nose or mouth for 10 seconds. At the end of the 10 seconds, your lungs should be just about completely filled. Hold your breath for 10 seconds, and then slowly exhale as if you’re exhaling through a straw. Do this about five times a day.

Keep a check on your diet when you quit smoking

Keep a check on your diet when you quit smoking

Eat well: Don’t forget that you are human and you need to eat. Different people face different types of withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking. You may either eat too much or you may lose appetite and go back to your cigarette. But remember the last of the three steps is, eating well. Know which foods and drinks should be eliminated from your diet and eat a healthy meal thrice a day. Stay away from caffeine, fatty foods, and processed food if you want to feel better about your body.

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So those were the three important steps you need to take in order to re-build your stamina. But just because we were feeling a bit generous, here are some additional tips.

Purchase an air purifier for your home. Your home is full of dust, dirt and other particles that are not good for your lungs. An air purifier will allow you to breathe cleaner air into your lungs, something that is important for everybody and especially important for ex-smokers.

Visit your doctor once a year (at least) for a checkup. You can still be at risk for lung cancer, heart attack and other diseases and ailments even after you quit smoking.

Spare a thought for your reduced immunity levels. Think about taking a daily multi-vitamin supplement. Although this isn’t necessary for all ex-smokers, so it’s best if you consult your doctor.

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Beware of weight gain once you stop smoking. Many ex-smokers turn to junk food as a way to deal with nicotine cravings. This, of course, could lead to heart problems in the future. What’s the point if your lungs are clean and your heart is rotting?

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