Intimate wash – what is it and what does it do?


Personal and intimate hygiene is extremely important for women across all ages. Traditionally, women resort to using soap and plain water to wash their intimate areas. However, these days the market has been flooded with many different cleansing agents especially made for women. Intimate washes are all over the TV commercials and most young girls are wondering whether to give it a try. We at The Brunette Diaries bring answers to all those questions that you may have about this newest product in the market.

V Wash Plus

V Wash Plus from Glenmark

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What is it?

An intimate wash is a specially formulated intimate hygiene wash for women to clean the vagina. It can easily be bought over-the-counter at any departmental or medical store without a medical practitioner’s advice.

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What does it do?

It helps to balance the pH level of the vagina and helps avoid bacterial infection, dryness and itchiness in the intimate area. It also promotes the growth of lactobacillus, which is a bacterium that is essential for vaginal health.

Fem Fresh intimate wash

Fem Fresh intimate wash

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Who is it for?

All women who experience dryness, itching, irritation, and bacterial infection can use it. It is safe to use while periods and pregnancy as well. It also curbs the foul smell of the vaginal discharge.

How does it work?

Most feminine intimate washes claim to have lactic acid formula in them that helps to maintain the ideal pH balance of the intimate areas. As normal soap and water have a higher pH value of 7-9, they tend to increase the alkalinity level which in turn causes dryness and irritation. Intimate washes balance out the alkaline level and prevent vaginal discomfort.


How safe is it?

As most washes claim that they do not contain the harmful SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), it is safe to use. Moreover, some intimate washes contain moisturising agents like tea tree oil which is also a soothing agent.

Intimate wash

In our opinion, if you don’t mind spending a few hundred bucks on taking uttermost care of your personal hygiene, then, an intimate wash is a product worth giving a shot. Apart from being pro-hygienic, they are really easy to use and don’t seem to show any side effects.

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