Is he cheating on you?


Extra-marital affairs are a trend that exists from time immemorial. The need in men to seek ‘variety’ in their sex life and the need in women to add ‘spice’ in their sexual encounters has increased the infidelity rate in marriages. According to studies, married men cheat on their wives because the ‘other woman’ presumably has the ability to resolve his sexual problems. After the birth of their second or third child, the libido of many women drops considerably, while men have their sexual urge still intact. Hence, men indulge in extra-marital affairs to satisfy their sexual needs and at the same time, claim to love their wives.

Be it an office colleague, mutual friend, neighbour, maid or any unknown woman; men tend to look for something different from their routine sex life. Many wives come to know the truth through friends and neighbours. To help you avoid the embarrassment, here are three warning signs that can give you hints when your husband strays around with an alternative partner.

Is he spending less time with you?


If you are watching TV and he is on the computer, or if you are going to bed and he stays up late night, it means that you are living together yet are distant. If you don’t talk much to each other or if he avoids your presence, it is time for you to take the responsibility of reviving your love with him. These hints may not necessarily be that of an extra-marital affair, but can be a ground layer to begin one.

Do you see any change in his habits?


Every couple solemnly vows to be faithful by keeping no secrets from each other. It is not necessary to share email passwords; but, if he has changed it or has locked his computer with a code, it is likely for him to be indulging in a secret affair. One common difference you should look out for is the way he speaks on a call when you are around. Does he walk away from you or talk discreetly on phone? Changing mobile phone passwords, not allowing you to use his cell phone, coming home late, leaving home early, etc are other hints that he is engaging in an extra-marital affair. Sometimes, coming home late can simply mean that he has extra work at office. So don’t arrive at conclusions with just any one of these hints.

Is your sexual intimacy reducing day-by-day?


If your husband is a man who cuddles you every night and has stopped the habit all of a sudden, it means he has found an alternate lover. If he ignores your attempts to sexually arouse him, it is time for you to confirm his extra-marital affair. Sexual intimacy is the final stage to prove infidelity; mainly because this is the reason for new illegitimate relationships to begin.

Experts say that 65% of unfaithful couples end up remaining together. Sometimes, cheating helps to mend the relationship between a couple as they realise the necessity to patch up and be back together. On the contrary, there are cases when couples seek divorce and move on with their lives. In an attempt to punish your husband, don’t make regretful choices. Consider the pros and cons of your marriage and take a mature decision.

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