Is pornography good for you?


Pornography can be a personal problem for many, and most people consider it a cultural problem for all. You may think that you aren’t affected by pornography, but you will never understand the gravity of the matter because this effect of pornography is literally so embedded in our culture that it’s hard to notice. There are a plethora of negative effects of excessive pornography, and it is advisable to reduce or stop the habit if you can.

Porn can ruin your relationship

Porn can ruin your relationship

Sex loses meaning

Sex becomes self serving because of masturbation. It becomes about your pleasure rather than love making and sharing. Sex is supposed to be the ultimate expression of love, but love and selfishness cannot co-exist.

Demeans women

Pornography objectifies and demeans women to obscurity. The way women are portrayed in pornography is disturbing, and this affects the male pattern of thinking as well as the female.

Numbing effect on reality

For those who are addicted to pornography, the first time they have sex will not be as exciting an experience as it should be. Pornography has a severe numbing effect on reality. It makes real sex and even the real world boring in comparison. It dries out the emotion of lovemaking and replaces it with unreal expectation.

Destroys rational thinking

Pornography portrays women to be one-dimensional. In that, they never say no, never get pregnant, and can’t wait to have sex with any man and please them in whatever way imaginable. It portrays men as soulless, immoral, emotionless beings who just want to stick their privates into women. This idea of pornography actually affects rational thinking.

Rewires the brain

Those who watch excessive porn form a habit of watching something specific to turn them on. When this comes to play in real life, these ‘specific’ things may not always be present and this can severely affect love-making.

Pornography addiction is the biggest addiction in the world

Pornography addiction is the biggest addiction in the world

The porn industry is thriving on those who can’t abstain from it. If you are strong enough, I challenge you to try and stay away slowly but surely. You clearly know, now, that it has some serious side effects. The momentary pleasure of pornography should not destroy the possibility of a lifetime of lovemaking with your spouse.


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