Is pregnancy difficult after the age of 30?


Gone are the days when newlyweds were coaxed to start a family immediately after marriage. Today, women have started calling the cards as to when they want to give birth. As they have the power of deciding, they take their own sweet time to find the right man, settle with him, and then plan for a baby. There are many women who have successfully given birth after the age of 30. But the real question here is if it is the right age for pregnancy.

According to medical sciences, fertility rate reduces as age increases. This is because the reproductive organs start wearing out as age increases. It does not happen overnight once you are 30. This is a very gradual process.

Here are some tips that you should be aware of if you are pregnant/ trying to conceive after the age of 30:

If you have been trying to conceive since several months, but have faced nothing but failure, it is necessary you meet the gynaecologist.


After the age of 30, women face hormonal variations. So, you have to make sure you talk about every detail about the developments in your body to the doctor. It helps them in analysing your body and its capacity to conceive a child.

If you are currently pregnant, it is important for you to get amniocentesis test and regular ultrasounds checked. This will make sure that your baby’s organs are healthy and normal. Watch out for Down’s syndrome or spinal cord defects as it hits women with late pregnancies.


Be mentally prepared for a prolonged labour pain and be ready to accept C-section as it is likely for women with late pregnancies to face such complications.

Make sure you stay healthy during your pregnancy. Even small walks can benefit your health as well your baby’s.


Worry not if too much of late pregnancy cautions and information are stressing you out. It is important for you to stay healthy with good food and exercise to avoid late pregnancy complications.

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