Is Sex A Necessity In Relationships Nowadays?


Your partner flirts with you about playing blanket monsters. It might not be on your mind and you think, “Really, is that all you think about?” You find it awkward? Or feel it too soon?

Call him a perv on the phone-call with your bestie?  Or just shy away with an excuse every time he even so much as hints at it? But here’s the truth, this may be killing your relationship. What you deem “too soon” is but a necessity. Have you been wondering is sex a necessity in relationships nowadays. Well, the answer is yes!

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“Love is important and equally is sex. Look at it like this. A relationship’s just like a boat, while love keeps the boat from sinking, sex makes it rock”, shared Tina Noronha, 31, a TBD reader, when asked about her thoughts on how important sex is in a relationship.

sex a necessity

These days, sex is a strong physical need not just for men but for women as well

If it was 14th century, even so much as saying the word ‘sex’ out loud in public was termed outrageous. Today, being in a relationship with no sex is considered ‘outrageous’.  “It’s just inconceivable!”, said Omi Shah, 28, a media firm executive. “Sex is the one thing that brings you closer, as it ties loose ends when it comes to intimacy and affection”, added Omi.

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For men, sex is a physical need much like cravings for food and water. Just as you opt for massage to destress yourself after a hectic day at work, men need sexual release to feel at ease. Whether married or in a relationship, biologically, men experience intense sex drives to empty their sperm production that happens on a regular basis. Once this is achieved, they are more relaxed and work more efficiently and confidently.

This, however, is not the case with women. Women do not experience similar physiological drives. Sex for them has more to do with emotional connect with their partners or spouses. Which is why, most women do not understand why their men demand sex in the relationship. “Why can’t he wait,” scoffed Rashmi Singhal, 26, who ended her relationship with her boyfriend, within just 2 weeks of dating.

sex a necessaity

Earlier, women would be shy when it came to sex and intimacy but nowadays they are more sexually receptive

So while most women have their reservations, be it emotionally, biologically, or traditionally, the times sure are changing. Girls and women, too, are now open to having casual sex as they do not perceive it as means of emotional attachment with their guys. In fact, ‘Friends with benefits’ and ‘Hooking up’ is now more commonly heard around the teen-aged and matured alike.

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Whether physical need or emotional, sex is no more ‘the-after-marriage’ ritual. It is equally important in a relationship as it has become more of a necessity than just an element of fun.

So the next time you think of saying no to ‘doing the deed’, weigh you reasons well, as your relationship might be at stake!

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