Is Standing For Long Hours Bad For You?


You might have heard about how sitting for long hours at your desk is detrimental to your health. Well, here’s news, if you’ve considered a standing job, it’s quite as bad too! So, what now, you may think. Well, striking a balance is the best way to go. Peeps, everything in life needs the right balance. From diet to exercise, balancing things will let you reach your goals with no hassle.

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So, what does standing for long hours actually do to you? Most people who have standing jobs complain about a number of problems ranging from knee pain to back pain and so on. What next, you may feel. Making small changes to your posture habits will help. Start making these small changes to ensure longevity for your career and your life as well.

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Retail shop cashiers, teachers, waiters, , and flight attendants necessarily require standing for long hours. We’ve researched about this issue, considering the fact that, at some point, we’ve all considered standing desk jobs to prevent back problems from sitting desk jobs. But, standing for long hours can actually cause the following health problems –


Standing for a long time as a retail shop cashier can cause leg problems

Standing for a long time as a retail shop cashier can cause discomfort

The most common standing desk job complain is discomfort. Most people say that standing for long hours brings with it extreme discomfort.

Joint pains

Such jobs give rise to joint pain

Such jobs give rise to joint pain

Yes, if you aren’t used to standing, your muscles may not be able to support your weight for too long and your joints will give way at some point or the other.

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Heart disease

Another serious condition associated with standing is coronary heart disease. Workers may not develop heart disease as a direct result of standing for long periods, but if they have an existing heart problem, standing for hours can make it worse.

Back pain

Standing jobs can cause back pain

Standing jobs can cause back pain as well

Although most of us think that bad posture while sitting is the most common cause of back pain, try asking flight attendants about back pain! Back pain is twice as likely to occur in workers who stand for most of their working days rather than sit. Quite a shocking thing, isn’t it?

Varicose veins

Standing for long periods of time increases the risk of varicose veins. In case you don’t know what that is, let me explain. When the walls of your veins become weaker due to excessive standing, they become enlarged and blood pools in them, making them stand out – these are what we know as varicose veins.

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So, with all these complications we may never consider a standing job. Doctors have always warned people about standing jobs and the health hazards it possesses, but people still continue until their health problems become alarming enough to affect daily life. Although, standing may be a good way to take a break from your desk job, standing all day… well, don’t make that an option!

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