Is working from home a good option?


With the advent of easily available technology, many homes today have machines to make work from home a viable option. But the question is, do you think working from home is worth it? It may be relaxed and comfortable compared to the office, but bringing work home actually defeats the purpose of it being called home and not office. Let us look at certain pointers that indicate that you shouldn’t or should refrain from bringing work home:

Working from home may seem easier but it compromises your effort

Working from home may seem easier but it compromises your effort


Your home is supposed to be a resting place after a long tiresome day of worries and tensions at work. It is not advisable to bring those worries to such a place. Let these two places never mix. Bringing your worries home will eventually make you lose the pleasure of reaching home to rest.


Incessant calls and pings from your boss is common

Incessant calls and pings from your boss is common

Since you aren’t around your boss like at work, there is a likelihood of continuous calls and incessant pings. You wouldn’t want a call while you are having lunch with your family.


Most people tend to perceive working from home as a relaxed affair. Such people tend to put in less effort compared to at the workplace. This is a mindset. I am by no means stating this as absolute truth. But this is how it works for many.


Working at home has a lot of distractions

Working at home invites a lot of distractions

There is the constant possibility of distraction compared to the workplace. You may be on a call and your little one shrieks out for something. Your favourite television program is on and your wife is watching it. There are countless distractions at your home that you should and most often can’t stay away from.


Constant calls, electricity usage and numerous coffees are usually taken care of by your company. Well, your company isn’t going to bother about catering to these things when you are at home.

Let your work place be your work place and let your home be your home. Do not mix the two or you may end up compromising on the quality of both.

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