Is Your Body Type An Apple Or A Pear?


The most important thing that a person must know about his or her body is that we are all unique. We all have different body types, shapes, genetics, and a metabolism that’s different from others. This is why the lifestyle choices that may work for your friend may not be ideal for you. And for all you know, you may be doing it all wrong! Your diet, exercise regimen, and overall lifestyle pattern needs to be in sync with your metabolism and your body type.

Are you and apple or a pear? Find out here!

Are you an apple or a pear? Find out here!

What body type you have affects how you feel about eating certain things and doing certain exercises. Yes, going to the gym with your buddies is fine but doing the same exercises may not be a good idea! Even the type of clothes you wear would make a big difference if you keep your body shape in mind while shopping. If you wear a piece of clothing that was meant for a hourglass figure, it wouldn’t look half as good on your apple shape. Your body type also decides the foods that are more suitable for you. I bet you just grabbed anything and everything from the fridge all your life without a second thought about your body. It’s alright; we all do that once in a while. But to live a better, healthier life you must bear in mind certain things may or may not be good for you. This is why it’s important to know your body type. Are you an apple or a pear? Keep reading to find out.

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You are an apple if…

* Your upper arms, bust, stomach and back are the storehouse of fat on your body

* You have bra-fat and a paunch (it’s definitely the booze)

* You crave salty and fatty foods

* Your waist is around 34-35 inches (or more)

* You appear roundish and slightly wide around your waistline

* Your waist lacks definition

* Your bust, waist and hips are close in measurement

* You carry most of your weight around your midsection while your legs are relatively slimmer

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People with an apple-shaped body tend to have steady energy throughout the day; and they also have an insatiable appetite. If you are an apple-shape, your metabolism needs foods that will calm your adrenals. Whole grains, roots, and calcium-rich foods will help to relax your appetite considerably. Try to eat more greens, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds and legumes for your required dose of protein and an increase in metabolism. For your ideal exercise regimen, do a 45-minute light cardio along with light weight training and resort to yoga to remain calm and cool at all times. 

Dressing as per your shape brings out the best and covers the rest

Dressing as per your shape brings out the best and covers the rest

You are a pear if…

* Your body fat is concentrated in the lower region

* You have or have had cellulite around your bottoms and/or thighs

* You crave for baked goods, caffeine and sweets most of the time

* Your lower body is significantly larger than your upper body (like a triangle)

* You have a well-defined waistline

* Your bust and shoulders are narrower than your hips

* You thighs and butt are heavy and rounded

* You have a slender neck, narrow shoulders and a flat tummy

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People with a pear shaped body (often referred to as ‘Pears’), tend to feel fatigued throughout the day. Pears need their dose of caffeine every morning and evening, with a sweet treat after lunch. If you are a pear, your metabolism needs foods that will stimulate your adrenals as well as thyroid and also to help you with easy fat-loss. Animal soured protein and healthy fats will do the trick for you. Get your protein from red meat, lamb, salmon and eggs; limit your fruit intake and cut down on wheat and sugar to restore your metabolism. The best type of exercise for you would be weight and strength training coupled with light cardio.

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Now that you know whether you have an apple-shaped or a pear-shaped body, try to adapt your lifestyle and bring it in sync with your body and its requirements.

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