It’s Not Just Good Looks That Men Like In Women


For women, it is not just about biceps, six packs, stubble and a clean chest; there are also other virtues that they track in men before finding ‘Mr. Perfect’. “I like men who are jovial and also can make me laugh”, says Priyanka, a cartoonist. Just like women, the male population also seek a partner who can be qualified more than just good looks.

But, majority of women think that they can easily win a man’s heart by wearing a tank top that exposes their cleavage, and a skimpy skirt with pencil heels. However, on the contrary, according to surveys, men consider these women for nothing more than casual sex. To indulge in a serious lifelong relationship, a woman has to be more than just attractive.

Here are a few things that men seek in women apart from good looks. Read and get acquainted.

A good listener

Men do not share their personal life with others that easily. So when he opens up to you, it means you are worthy of listening to his problems. If you are a good listener it will help him to confide his problems. Men do not expect convincing words like, it’s okay baby or I told you not to do it, now see what happened. They like it when you can just patiently sit and listen to them talking. So just listen; patiently listen. A man can easily get attracted to a lady when she pays attention to what he says.

A woman who takes good care of herself

When you take good care of yourself, your man believes that you will be concerned for him the same way. Also, men also enjoy the benefits of their woman waxing, applying makeup, buying cosmetics and maintaining her figure. When men can enjoy double benefits, why wouldn’t they like to have a partner who can take care of herself?

A woman who has tomboyish qualities

Men like women who don’t indulge in drama. Be it running away from cockroaches or creating havoc for a rat; a man hate these traits in his lady. They like women to be brave and confident in whatever they do. It is a big no-no to women who worry about their manicure before cleaning the dishes. Drama does no good with men as it is a repelling quality. They like their lady to be self-assured. Studies say that sometimes men like their woman to possess tomboyish qualities as well.

A woman with motherly instincts

This is the most important quality men expect in a woman. When a girl takes care of her partner just like his own mother, he gets an assurance of her capability to show the same affection to their kids in the future. Guys feel they made the right choice when they find a partner with qualities resembling their own mother. Be it patience, always smiling, caring, affectionate or any other trait for that matter; men admire it in their partner.

A woman who is ‘real’

Men repel women who tend to fake about their lifestyle, likes and dislikes. “I don’t involve much with girls who are fake. There are a bunch of them at clubs on Saturdays. I don’t opt for anything more than casual flirting with them”, says David, 27. Men admire women who hold on to their ‘originality’. So, avoid faking.

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