Keep Your Skin Happy To Look Younger


Your skin is the first give-out of your age; and, if you do not take care of it properly, your “unhappy” skin will make you look older than what you really are. So, follow these simple yet important ways to ensure you flaunt happy, glowing skin and help yourself look younger for longer.

Cleanse daily

Who does not desire spotless and clear skin! However, with the rising stress and pollution levels, achieving it is far from easy. With rigorous cleansing your skin tends to lose moisture. Therefore, it is important not only to keep your skin clean but also retain its moisture.  You should go for a cleanser that does not let your skin lose its moisture, and further replenishes it with nutrients. Don’t forget to use a toner after this process to shrink your pores size, thus controlling breakouts.

Take care of your skin to maintain its youth

Take care of your skin to maintain its youth

Moisturise regularly

Moisturising is a must for all skin types, all days of the year; and when we say moisturising, we mean not only your face, but also your neck, hands and legs, and more so during winters. During summers, you can skip applying creams on your limbs if you have oily skin, but otherwise, you need to do so. Not only your facial skin, but also the skin n your hands, neck and feet reveal your age; and lack of moisturisers cause them to wrinkle faster.

Using a lip balm is also very important. Wetting your lips with your saliva is a very bad idea, as it does nothing but dry your lips even more.

Once in a fortnight, give your dull skin the goodness of mashed papaya or honey mask. It’s extremely effective in brightening up your face and helps in achieving glowing skin.


Protection against UV rays

Some women believe that they do not need to apply sunscreen during monsoon or winters since the sun isn’t scorching during that time of the year. But ladies, irrespective of the clouds in the sky or the temperature in your area, the sun radiates the harmful UV rays whenever it’s out there in the sky. Hence, you definitely need a sunscreen all 12 months of the year to protect yourself from it. The sunscreen will give you protection and maintain your youthfulness.

Other than these beauty essentials, leading a good lifestyle and staying in a happy state of mind also add to your smiling skin. So, make sure you incorporate them as well!


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