Know The Best Footwear For Your Foot Shape To Get ‘Happy Feet’


It is said that your shoes are the first aspect of your attire that people notice either consciously or subconsciously. That is precisely why it is important to always have a good pair of shoes on. But, apart from the aesthetic appeal, shoes serve an even greater purpose of protecting your feet. Different types of shoes suit different types of feet and knowing the best footwear for your foot shape is essential for proper foot care. We give you a lowdown on different shapes of feet and what kind of footwear is best suited for them.

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Narrow Feet

best footwear for your foot shape

‘Narrow Feet’ is the type that is slender form toes to the heel, with ankles that are proportionally narrow as well. Since they are so slim, they need footwear that snugly holds the feet at more than one point. Anything with too many straps and a comparatively looser fit might prove difficult for this type to walk in. Pretty tie-up shoes though are a good fit for this type. Also ballet flats are perfect for slim feet.  This type can always jazz things up a little bit by opting for shoes with a slight heel, like a Mary Jane. If you are wearing short dresses or office formals you can pair the look with pumps or stilettos as well.  Next time you go shoe shopping, try and look for a pair with a slightly raised platform at the toes, to give your slender feet more support and to make you feel more comfortable.

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Flat Feet

best footwear for your foot shape

A lot of people have a foot type known as ‘Flat Feet’. This type doesn’t have a well defined arch on the foot’s sole. When they walk or stand, their entire foot lies flat on the ground with virtually no arch at all, this makes it tedious for people with this type to wear high-heeled shoes that have a lot of elevation. Artificial arch supports are available for this type in the market. These supports can be inserted into closed shoes like running shoes or sneakers for a good fit and comfortable feet. Though it’s better for this type to wear mostly closed shoes, you can always opt for beautiful footwear with straps, or even try out wedges; these shoes will give your feet the necessary elevation without being uncomfortable.

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Broad Feet

best footwear for your foot shape

Broad feet are classified as feet that are broad at the toes and much narrower at the heel. People having such feet need sufficient space at the front of their shoes. Tight and tiny-fronted shoes like ballet flats aren’t meant for this type as they will leave no room for the toes to breathe and might even cause the toes to pain. Footwear with ankle straps and open toes are a good option for this type. This type of footwear will not only give you comfort but will also make your feet look slimmer. In the end, just make sure that the footwear you wear leaves enough squiggle-room for your toes.

So now, make the most of this information you just read, and the next time you go shopping, choose the correct and best footwear for your foot shape!


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