Laugh It Out: Hilarious Indian Myths About Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. This feeling can never be exaggerated. Nine months of tender loving care by family, support from the doctors and heap loads of… well… advices from the elderly people.

In the Indian context, pregnancy involves plenty of expectations: I want my baby to be fair, an all-rounder, black hair, green eyes, Aryabhatta and what not! And then there are these uncles, aunties, grandma, granddad, neighbourhood aunty, uncle from ‘gaanv’ (native place), etc, who shower the pregnant couple with advices for the baby’s wellbeing, failing to follow which can cause adverse effects on the baby. The paranoid couple, in order to ensure nothing untoward happens to their bundle of joy, choose to blindly follow the advices. But how reliable are those advices? Do they really hold value? Or are they nothing but myths? Anyway, here we have got five hilarious pregnancy myths. They do not have any scientific say in it although it is more of logical reasoning.

Myth 1

To make the baby easily slip out of the vagina, eat more ghee and oil

What we eat is excreted from a route that is different from the one which the baby takes to come out. Plus, why will the ghee stay in your uterus for months on end? It will either be flushed out, or be stored in your body as fats. Thinking logically, ghee and oil will do nothing but add more cholesterol to the body, right? Burning those extra pounds of flesh will take ages even after the delivery.

Myth 2

The sex of the baby depends on how big the stomach is

This sounds like determining what kind of food we ate according to the size of the stomach post lunch, doesn’t it? During pregnancy, the size of the stomach entirely depends on the position of the baby in the womb. Mixing up the actual fact with the myth just changes the entire context of the situation.


Myth 3

During pregnancy it is recommended to eat white coloured food to get a fair baby

This is absolute nonsense! So, by eating spinach does the baby get green skin? Food does not act as some form of paint for the baby. Food supplies nutrition for the mother and baby, its job ends there. The colour of the baby depends on the genes of the family.

Myth 4

The sex of the baby can be determined with the kind of cravings the mother has

Firstly, during pregnancy the mother gets cravings due to nutritional deficiencies. This cannot help in determining the sex of the baby; rather, it shows the heights of stereotyping in the society.

Myth 5

By hanging beautiful pictures on the wall, the baby in the womb becomes better looking

This is the heights! Hanging the picture of a good looking Bollywood actor or a cute baby does not guarantee that the baby will be born with their good looks. Every child grows to inherit the genes of the family, not the picture on the wall.

Don’t blindly believe anything. First, think and then act.

Myth 6

Do not indulge in any kind of activity during an eclipse; your baby will be born with some deformity

Eclipse is a natural phenomenon. It does not have the power to attack the baby inside a well-protected womb. At the same time, this does not mean that you can look at it with the naked eye. Be it pregnant women or normal people, general precautions should be taken in such circumstances.

Myth 7

You need to eat for two people when you’re pregnant

How much food (milk) does a newborn have? Hardly anything, right? Then how can you believe that you need to consume double the food you eat as an adult? An unborn child thrives on the food that its mother eats. So, all that it needs is that the mother has a well balanced nutritious diet, so that the nutrition is imparted to it as well. An additional 300 calories of healthy food is all the mother needs to consume each day for the baby in the womb.

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