Live-In Relationship – Why It Is A Good Idea


Living-in or staying together before marriage is still not very common in India, mainly because of societal reasons. Even so, a substantial number of couples have embarked on a live-in relationship, mainly in the urban metros. If you and your partner are one of those who do not give in to societal pressure, and are considering a live-in, then read our list of reasons that tell you why a live-in relationship is a good idea.

Split On Finances

If you and your partner live away from your parents’ home, then a live-in relationship offers the benefit of rent sharing. You need not rent out two different flats for the two of you, and can live together in one. Apart from saving money, by splitting the rent and other household expenses, living-in makes sense as you would either way be spending a lot of time at either one’s apartment. By having the same home you only save on the cost of one apartment that would probably be empty most of the time.

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Get To Know The Good The Bad The Ugly Of Each Other

Living-in provides you with the rare opportunity to know one another that living apart will not. Because of the close quarters, you get to see your partner in all sorts of situations – when they get a promotion and come home hurriedly to share their happiness with you (the good); when they are unwell and cranky because of it (the bad); when they wake up in the morning with messy hair and a smelly breath (the ugly). You get to see it and experience it all.

Live-In Relationship

Compatible Or Not?

A live-in is the best time to find out if you are actually compatible with your partner or not. If you’re a person who can only deal with the good, and cringe at the bad and the ugly, then chances are that you both might not actually be compatible. But the only way you can probably know this is if you do live together.

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Lets You Spend Time Together

It’s very highly plausible in today’s economy that both you and your partner are holding a job. If even one of you has a proper 9 to 5 job, then that leaves almost no time for you both to spend together, because going out after work just seems too tiring, right? That’s where live-in relationships become a boon. You get to wake up next to your partner every day and go back to them at night, giving you both quality time together while managing your busy work-life.

Responsibilities Are Shared

Living together means that all your responsibilities are shared; be it buying the toothpaste or paying the bills. This sharing of responsibilities helps the two of you identify yourself as a team that works best together.

Can’t Hide Away From Fights

In a normal relationship, when you have an argument or even a nasty fight, each of you goes to your respective home filled with fury, each waiting for the other to apologize. Till one of you caves in, you may completely ignore one another and not even talk for days together. But when you live together, this situation is rather unlikely to happen. There is no hiding away in the comfort of your separate homes as you live together, and ignoring someone you live with is impossible. This leads you to discuss the problem and find a solution that makes both of you happy, thus strengthening your relationship and leaving no room for grudges.

Live-In Relationship

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Marriage On The Cards?

After all of this if you are in love with your partner as you were when you began living together, or maybe even more, then you can seriously start thinking about making the big commitment. However, if through the course of the live-in you realize that you can’t stand each other, then it’s better to call it quits than take the relationship to the next level.

Here is our list of why we think a live-in relationship is a good idea. If you guys have any other point, then do let us know! :)


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