Look Naturally Beautiful With No-Makeup Makeup Look


Who wouldn’t want to sport flawless skin without even trying to? If you ask me for one good reason why every girl wears makeup I’d say, to enhance her natural ‘already present’ beauty. We don’t really need it, we simply choose to wear it. And trust me on this, makeup has a bad rap with some people.

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Thankfully, the no-makeup makeup look that was oh-so-popular a while ago is back! The idea is to use makeup in such a way that it seems as if you are not wearing anything on your face (except for eyeliner and lipstick, of course!) All you need to do is make your makeup look like a second skin to your face so it tricks people into believing you don’t have much of it going on :) So, if you want to go for the no-makeup makeup look today, give this easy tutorial by Kaushal Beauty ad a try!

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