Lose Weight With These 15 Fitness Tips From Shilpa Shetty


On the occasion of World Heart Day, Saffola Life organised a special event wherein they invited three experts – chef Kunal Kapoor, Bollywood actress and yoga enthusiast Shilpa Shetty, and funny man Cyrus Sahukar – each to represent three verticals that lead to a healthy heart: healthy food, active body, and happiness respectively.

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At this fun event, the three dignitaries not only enjoyed themselves to the fullest but also shared a lot of tips on how to be fit and keep your heart healthy.

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While several health tips were shared at this do, let me highlight the fitness tips shared by Shilpa, who has always been synonymous with being slim-trim and fit. So, without further ado, check out Shilpa Shetty’s fitness tips:

  1. Don’t expect to lose a massive number of kilos in a short span. It may take you even months to kick-start the process of melting of fat, but don’t lose hope.
  2. Eat food and stay active like your grandparents did decades ago. Their lifestyle was way healthier than ours.
  3. Take baby steps towards fitness. You don’t need to go all out doing everything all at once.
  4. Deep breathe whenever you can. It helps speed up your metabolism.
  5. Take the stairs whenever possible. If you cannot climb up all the floors, do at least a part of it.
  6. Go for walks. But don’t saunter casually; you need to walk fast to lose weight.
  7. Play with your kids or pets. Basically, move around with them and keep your body active.
  8. Instead of watching saas-bahu serials sitting on the couch, do some exercises while watching it.
  9. Have the right food at the right time in the right way.
  10. Chew your food really well. Follow the mantra, “Drink your food, and eat your water”.
  11. Portion control is essential. You cannot hog on food no matter how healthy the dish is.
  12. Don’t let your body get used to the same kind of food and exercises, since your weight loss graph attains a plateau after some time. Shock your body at times, and change your regular routine.
  13. Don’t ignore your health while taking care of your family and household chores. Make time to take care of your body.
  14. Using ghee and/or coconut oil to cook food helps weight loss.
  15. Choose to eat healthy food. Avoid junk food, quick fixes, and aerated drinks.

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So, there you go! Now that you’ve gotten tips from the expert herself, it’s time to lose weight, become fit and keep your heart healthy. I truly am motivated. Are you?

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