Make Children’s Day Special For The Underprivileged


The second most anticipated day in any child’s life, next to their birthday, is Children’s Day. But there are some children in our country who don’t even know what Children’s Day is. It doesn’t even matter to them, because they don’t find anything special about it. Or should I say, they don’t have anyone to make it special for them. This year, we urge our readers and visitors to celebrate Children’s Day with the underprivileged children and the orphans, and make them feel special and valued.

There are around 18 million underprivileged kids in India. They deserve a good life too.

There are around 18 million underprivileged kids in India. They deserve a good life too.

Here are a few ideas how you can make Children’s Day special for an underprivileged child:

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Involve your own child in the plan: Explain to your children that there are some kids who either don’t have parents to make them feel loved, or their parents are too poor to meet their needs. Once your child understands this, encourage him/her to share or donate their old toys to the children who need it more. Children love to make new friends, so take your child to meet the underprivileged kids in your locality or to the nearest orphanage and spend time with the children there. Carry some refreshments with you and donate old toys, clothes and books.

Make Children's Day special for orphans too

Make Children’s Day special for orphans too

Have an impromptu disco at an orphanage: Surprise the children at the orphanage in your locality, by visiting them with your friends and some children you know. Carry a pair of Bluetooth speakers and an mp3 player and play songs for the kids. Tell them it’s a disco party! Kids love music and dancing, so this is a great way to put a smile on their faces. Make sure you play kiddie songs as well as the newest Bollywood hit numbers.

Pretend to have a power cut: Tell your children that it’s a new fun game where you pretend you have a power cut, just like the kids who live in the slums do, and light a few candles around the house. Then urge your children and their friends to accompany you and distribute candle boxes to the slum kids; explain to them how even the slum-dwelling kids need something to light their houses with. You can also have a story-reading session in the dark with the kids, it will excite them to no limits!

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Have a surprise picnic with the street kids: We’re sure you know the street kids near your house by face. Carry some snacks and refreshments and land up on the streets, tell them it’s a surprise picnic! Ask their names, and meet their guardians if any. Explain to them the importance of education and tell them why they must not beg.

Bake a cake: Bake a large but simple cake and gift it to the child patients at a children’s nursing home. If meeting each child isn’t possible, give the cake to the nurse and instruct her to distribute it among all the child patients.

Donate blood: There are many children who aren’t even in a state to celebrate Children’s Day. The importance of donating blood cannot be stressed enough. Save a child’s life and donate blood at the nearest children’s nursing home. Make it a tradition or an annual ritual to donate blood once every year. You can donate more than once if you wish to and if you are healthy enough.

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Take a few underprivileged kids for a movie or a play: You may go for a movie every weekend, but this time, take a few underprivileged kids along with you. Show them an animated movie or one that’s suitable for their age-group.

Educate them: You can take a few of your friends or your mom to the nearest orphanage that houses teen girls, and educate them on important topics like women’s health, menstrual issues, sex education, and explain them about the ‘bad touch’. Teen boys must be educated about respecting women, importance of education and safe sex.

There are innumerable ways in which you can make someone’s day more special and it will definitely make you feel better too. So go ahead, spread the happiness.

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