Make Nail Polish Last Longer With These Useful Tips


We women love getting manicures, and painting our nails in pretty shades; but, don’t you absolutely hate it when it’s hardly been a day or two and your nails begin to chip? Chipped nails ruin the entire look of your hands. Is there any way in which we can make nail polish last longer? Of course, there is. As per the request of Rose Milbourn using our Request Box feature, we present to you ways to make your nail polish last longer.

Clean Out Any Leftovers

The first step to making your nail paint last is by removing any residue nail paint from your finger nails. Make use of a good nail polish remover for this purpose. Certain nail paint removers have the tendency to strip your nails of all their moisture and that is something you don’t want. Acetone does this. So try to avoid it.

nail polish last longer

Don’t Soak ‘Em

When at the manicurist, you will notice that they first soak you nails in water to make them soft, and then start with rest of the manicure process. However, our suggestion is to skip the soaking. Soaking nails makes them expand. So, any nail paint you apply, you do so on the expanded nails, which will eventually contract back to their original size making the nail paint loose and prone to chipping.

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Base Coat It

The next step is a must. Always… always apply a clear base coat before your coloured coats. This will give your nail paint a foundation to build on. Stickier base coats are a good option to make your nail paints last.

Four, Not Two

It is general practice to apply two coloured coats of nail paint, but, we tell you to drop this habit. Instead of applying two thick base coats, apply 3-4 thin coats. This will help even out nail paint, and make drying much easier as well.

Top Coat It

As important as your base coat is, top coats are just as important. They help seal the colour making it last longer. Again, in this case, drop the general practice of one thick top coat, and go for two thinner top coats instead.

nail polish last longer

Cover The Tips

Make sure that all the coats you apply cover the tip of your nails well, since the tips face the most day-to- day wear and tear. Also if you notice that the nail paint has just worn out from the nail-tips, but the rest is intact, then just file it a little to do away with the non-painted bit.

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Let Them Dry

Even if you follow all of the above steps to the T, but don’t give your nail polish ample time to dry, then all your efforts will get ruined. Drying is a crucial part of making nail polish last longer. The multiple coats need ample time to dry. So put on the TV and give your freshly applied nail paint about an hour to set and dry. And try not to be impatient even between coats. Allow each coat to dry properly before applying the next.


Making nail polish last longer doesn’t depend on the application process alone, maintenance is just as important. Re-apply a layer of top coat every 3-4 days to add life to your pretty coloured nails.

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Wear Gloves

We cannot stress the importance of this step. Water is the enemy of a good manicure! So, whenever you have to do any chore that has water involved in it, or even gardening for that matter, please wear gloves to protect your pretty nails.


Dry hands are another reason why your nail paints don’t last as long as you want them to. Drying around the cuticles and the side of your nails make the nail polish weaker and give way for air bubbles to enter, thus causing chipping of the paint. So make it a habit to moisturize your hands well. You can also try rubbing some cuticle oil on your nails to help keep them hydrated.

Now that you know how you can make your nail polish last longer, we hope that the manicure Gods are forever by your side! :D

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