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The sad part about lip liners is that they are always considered secondary when compared to lip colours. So much so, that most women actually skip a liner without realising its importance in their makeup regimen. Not only do they set a base for your fave lipcolour, they also help you attain a perfect pout. Well, they’re not known as your lipstick’s bestie for no reason :)

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Now, if you thought that a lip liner can be used just to line your pretty lips, the next few minutes will change your opinion. Here’s how you can make the most of your lip liner!

- Don’t have the exact shade of matte lipstick that perfectly matches your outfit? However, there’s a handy lip liner that could do the trick? Don’t shy away ‘coz the liner can double up as your lip colour! Just fill in your lips and use a brush to smudge it. You have your perfect stain :)

- To attain an even outline with a sharp liner, all you gotta do is hold the pencil at a 45 degree angle to your lips and apply short strokes. This will help prevent the edges from looking jagged.


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- Create the illusion of fuller lips by using a nude lip liner to outline your natural lip line. Now fill them with a shade that pops and see the difference it makes.

- Another great way to get that plump pout would be to outline your cupid’s bow with a dark lip liner and the rest of the lips with a lighter one. Blend the two colours, fill it with your fave shade, and you’re good to go!


- Change the order of your lip makeup; follow your colour with the liner. This will not only prevent the lipstick from smudging beyond its boundaries but will also be the saving grace when the colour begins to fade. Smart, eh?

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- We advise you to purposely keep the tips of liner blunt for a more natural look since your lipstick will blend in more easily. Now if you just have to use a freshly sharpened pencil, just warm the tip over a flame for about 2 seconds. This will make the tip softer and ensure a smoother application.

- Watch out for the formation of a thin, white film on the tip of your lip liner. This points out to the fact that the product has crossed its expiry date and that you should be replacing it without any more delay.

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Now that you know how to make the most of your lip liner, don’t let it take a backseat in your makeup routine!

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