Make Your Collarbones Prominent With These Easy Exercises


This year, rock the off-shoulder dress you have always wanted to, without worrying about a flabby upper torso. You ask how? Well, of course, with these exercises for toned collarbones. These simple exercises will help minus the flab from your neck and shoulder area, and make your collarbones prominent making you look sexy and slim.

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Get that chiseled collarbone


A great way to make your collarbones prominent is to try to lose weight all around your body, and running is a great way to start. Jogging or running daily will not only help tone your upper body but will also help you make your lower body leaner.

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Doing pushups daily will help you define your collarbones. The movements that your body undergoes when you do pushups will work on your shoulders and upper back muscles making them strong and toning them up.


This relaxing exercise has many benefits for overall fitness just as it helps to accentuate your shoulders. The arm movements you incorporate while swimming reduces the fat around your shoulders and stretches your arm muscles, making them leaner.

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make your collarbones prominent

Shoulder Shrugging

This is a super simple yet highly effective exercise that you can do to get the collarbones that you desire. Pull both your shoulders up and hold it in that position for about 8-10 seconds and then slowly relax them back to their normal position. Repeat. The best part is you can do this practically anywhere and whenever you want to.


Grab small dumbbells of 2 kilos. Stand straight and lift the dumbbells up over your head and then bring them down again. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times and do only one set when you are starting out, and then gradually increase the sets.

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Shoulder Rolls

A shoulder roll is another easy exercise that works pretty well. Roll your shoulders in the forward direction making small circles. Repeat 10-15 times. Then, repeat the same in backward motion. Also, remember to keep your arms stiff while rolling your shoulders.

make your collarbones prominent

Bridge Pose

The yoga bridge pose or setubandhasana is an excellent posture to help you tone your shoulder and make your collarbones jut out. The pose stretches your chest and shoulder muscles and helps you lose fat from your arms as well.

Do these exercises diligently every day to make your collarbones prominent, and see fabulous results in a month!



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