Make your teacher feel special this Teacher’s Day


Teachers are a significant part of our lives. They mentor us right since our nursery days, all the way till our MBAs and PhDs. They teach us to face the most difficult challenges of life and get through them, easily. It’s Teacher’s Day today and we decided to pay a tribute to our beloved teachers, who have dedicated a considerable part of their life to impart moral and academic knowledge to us. If you are also planning to celebrate Teacher’s Day with your mentor, here are a few ideas how you can make this day special for them.

Our teachers have guided us through thick and thin, the least we can do for them is appreciate them

Our teachers have guided us through thick and thin, the least we can do for them is appreciate them

If you are a school or college goer, the best way to pay a tribute to your teachers is to appreciate their painstaking efforts to transform you into a better person, citizen and human being on the whole. Give them a day off, and arrange a skit or a play for them with your friends and a little bit of help from parents. Entertain them with song and dance performances, have a battle of jokes and tickle their funny bone. Finish with a loud thank you message from all the students to the teachers. It’s sure to overwhelm them.

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If you have a favourite teacher, which we all have, you may invite them over for a lunch or dinner to your place. Cook up a good meal for them from scratch. Be sure to include your teacher’s favourite dishes in the meal. You may also take them out to their favourite restaurant. Pool in the money with your friends and don’t let your teacher pay the bill. During the meal, let them know of their importance in your life. Discuss future goals and repeatedly thank them for their efforts and also for taking time out to come over.

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If you are really friendly with your teacher, take them out for a good film. Make sure you find out about their favourite actors or film and you can also arrange a screening of their favourite film in your class or AV room of your college. Make sure it’s a U certified film or one which gives out a good social message.


Buy a special souvenir for your teacher like this mug

Buy a special souvenir for your teacher like this mug

If your teacher is fond of theatre, book tickets to the newest play and take your teacher and friends along. Have a good time and let your mentor relax. Let it be a surprise, and do not reveal the name of the play. This will build the excitement and make your teacher feel more special. Pool in money with your friends and get a nice gift for your teacher. It doesn’t have to expensive, but thoughtful and something that they may always cherish.

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Arrange a surprise picnic for your teachers. Carry all essentials like snacks, beverages, tissues, umbrellas, mats and just for fun board games. Challenge your teachers to a game like scrabble, or guess the phrase. One team can be teachers and other team will be yourself and your student friends.

Have a book reading session with all your teachers in the school/college library. Let each one read out an excerpt from their favourite book and have an engaging discussion over the same. Hand out bouquets and special messages on cute cards to all the teachers.

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Get personalized souvenirs for your teacher, like a mug or a wall hanging with thought-provoking quotes on the bond between teachers and students. Have a red carpet laid for your teacher in the corridor outside the classroom and make them feel special by singing a song for them as soon as they enter the class.

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