Make Your Thin Lips Appear Full And Plump With These Hacks


It is no secret that wearing dark colors makes you look slimmer. While this idea has been totally abused for good measure in the fashion world, few people have realized that the same is true for makeup too! Light colours mean more reflection of light, (and you tend to look bigger) while dark colours will only make your features appear much smaller! So now you know why your lips always seemed to shrink after you’ve applied lipstick. For more tips to make your thin lips appear full and plump, keep scrolling down!

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Dry flaky lips look terrible and do not reflect light as smooth lips do, Thin lips,

Dry, flaky lips look terrible and do not reflect light as smooth lips do

Fight the flakes: Flaky and scaly lips can never reflect light the way smooth lips do. So, be sure to gently exfoliate your lips with a good natural exfoliant to get rid of the dark, dead skin cells on your delicate pout and also to boost blood circulation!

Avoid dark lip colours: If you feel that your lips are naturally thin, avoid wearing lipsticks that are too dark. Dark lip colours not only make your lips appear thin, but they also tend to bleed the colour on your chin (ew!)

Nude lips look instantly fuller

Nude lips look instantly fuller

Go for nude lips: A good bonus is that nude is in! So go all out with your nude lips by using a lip colour that is exactly or almost the same shade of your natural lip colour, and see the difference it makes!

Gloss ‘em up: The pretty, pinkish and peachy lip glosses that attracted you as a teenager are the best thing ever! They make your lips look really hydrated, which in turn gives the illusion of plumper lips.

Get out of the line: The natural lip-line, I mean! A good trick is that while lining your lips, go a bit further by lining not your natural lips; line the outer ridge instead. Also use a natural shade of liner so that it doesn’t show how you’ve ‘cheated’!

Highlight the right places: To give the illusion of fuller and plumper lips, highlight your cupid’s bow (the M-shape just above the center of your upper lip). This will ensure that your cupid’s bow reflects ample amount of light and make your lips look oh-so-kissable.

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Gloosy lips means plumper lips!

Glossy lips means plumper lips!

Use clear gloss: After you’ve applied your lipstick, dab a little bit of clear gloss on the centre of your lower lip to enhance it. The gloss will act as a fake pout and your lips will look twice as full!

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Weren’t these lip hacks easy as can be? So, go out there and pucker up!

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