Makeover tips for men


Tired of looking the same? Want a change a look? Many people are fed up of how they have been looking over the years. It is necessary to make changes and not stick to the same look for too long or it can get boring. Here are a few tips for a makeover that can change how people look at you:

Change your facial hair style

Try a new facial hairstyle

Try a new facial hairstyle

If you have adequate facial hair, then this is just the easiest way to transform your look. Consider making a shift to a goatee or a French beard if you think you can pull it off. If you’ve never sported facial hair before, then just let it grow out for the first few weeks and then make changes in the shape and constantly trim it thereafter. Whatever you do, people are bound to sit up and take notice of you if you go in for any kind of change on your face – just make sure it suits your face shape and general style.

Wear jewelry

Try jewelry

Try jewelry

Well, jewelry doesn’t have to mean extravagant rapper bling; it can even be a silver chain around your neck or a fancy wristwatch that draws attention. It can be simple, subtle, smart and elegant. So, things like a sharp watch, a leather cuff or even a classic platinum ring will quietly brighten up your look without being too obvious.

Lip balm

Don't ignore chapped lips

Don’t ignore chapped lips

Chapped lips have always been ignored by men. Well, it indicates poor hygiene and health. Try applying lip balm to moisturise your lips and you will feel more confident about yourself.

Pay attention to details

Take care of your body more

Take care of your body more

If you have been the one to ignore details, turn that around. Keep your nails trimmed, use a protein hair cream, wash your face often and purchase some expensive perfume to make people notice you subtly.

A makeover is sure to make people notice you and gives you a chance to re-assert your personality. Work on these tips to change how your colleagues or friends at college perceive you.


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