Makeup tips for dusky women


As long as your skin is healthy and radiant, you are beautiful regardless of your colour, but a few tips can do no harm. Fair-skinned women have to be careful with the way they apply makeup because errors can be easily identified. On the contrary, dusky-skinned women can pull off dark and bold colours easily. Here are a few tips for the dark-skinned to complement their skin.

Liquid foundation for your skin tone

Dark-skinned women face problems of uneven skin tone. Use liquid foundations to even your skin tone. If you can’t find any, mix two moderately suitable foundations to get the desired colour. Apply some portion of the foundation on the back side of your fist. Using a flat-top brush apply the foundation on your face. Here is a tip: never apply makeup only on your face; neck is as important as face because it is equally exposed to direct sunlight as compared to other body parts.

Say yes to powder

Darker skin tones tend to get oily by the end of the day. Therefore, it is important to apply any face powder with either a sponge or a large powder brush. It helps you to maintain your radiance throughout the day.

Darker blush colours suit better

Fair-skinned women wear blush to warm up their complexion. Whereas, dark-skinned women need not necessarily wear blush except on special occasions. Coral, deep orange and wine colour blush suit dusky women better. Using a blush brush, apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

Avoid pale and dry lips

Whether you are fair-skinned or dusky, avoid pale and frosty lips. Shades like burgundy, wine, brown, red and plum suit dark complexion well. You can add lip gloss to give a shiny look to your lips.

Eye makeup

Apply only eyeliner and mascara if you want to look simple and neat. But, if you want to highlight your eyes, use eye shadows. Gold eye shadow suits well for working hours and colours like blue, green, purple and copper suit well for parties and other occasions.

Dark is beautiful too. So, flaunt your skin tone by wearing makeup that flatters it.



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