Makeup tips for spec-tacular eyes!


Do you feel restricted while sporting eye makeup because of your glasses? For some of us, eye-glasses can really be a bother; and contact lenses mean minimal eye makeup. Not to worry, lasses! With many a fashionista now sporting spectacles with élan, a new fascination for geek-chic is on the rise. That’s good news for us spec-ies! We at The Brunette Diaries were super excited to try the geek-chic trend and in the process discovered various looks that women with spectacles can sport! Try the following tips to highlight the beauty behind those glasses.

Wear kohl:

Kohl specs

Wear a thick kohl for dramatic eyes

One of the safest tricks to grab attention to your eyes is by wearing a strong, thick line of under-eye kohl.

Try the winged eyeliner look:

Winged eye liner

Winged eye liner makes specs look glamorous

The 1960′s style winged eyeliner is quite a rage on the runway right now and works well on women wearing glasses.

Be mindful of your frame size:

The general thumb rule is using thicker eyeliner when wearing thicker frames and vice-versa.

Use mascara:

Mascara specs eyemakeup

Wear mascara to brighten up your eyes behind those glasses

Mascara isn’t bad for those who wear specs. Use a waterproof variety that will not stick to your glasses and still bring out their beauty.

Choose contrasting colours:

Specs Eye Makeup

Contrasting hues look chic with spectacles

If you wish to step out to a party wearing glasses, create a night look by going high on contrasting colours. Choose eye shadows from the shades of gold, copper and metallic bronze. Moreover, if you wish to experiment, you can also choose eye shadows in contrast to the colour of your frames.

Highlight the under-eye area:

Instead of opting for heavy eye shadows on your lids, you can choose to brighten up the under-eye with pop hues.

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Quit the smoky eye look:

While smoky eye look may be getting a lot of attention, smudging the eye makeup for those smoky eyes may not suit those wearing spectacles. As your eyes get magnified a little by the glasses, the smoky eyes may just end up looking like ‘zombie-eyes.’


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