Messy kids can learn better than the others


To buckle your child in the high chair and leave the baby food on the table attached to it while you attend a call in the living room, can be chaotic when you return. Moms always have a tough time trying to push food into their baby’s mouth. By the time one spoonful of Cerelac is put into his mouth, there will tonnes of it lying around; showing the mother’s unsuccessful attempts. Sometimes kids play with food by throwing it around, thus leaving stains on walls, floor and even on their own clothes.


Worry not if your kid is artistic with his food. Science proves that messy kids can actually learn better than the good behaving ones. Here’s how:

When you hand over a ball, cup, spoon or any toy; you are teaching your baby about solids and non-solids without your knowledge. By playing with solid substances, they begin to learn its texture and other features. But, when it comes to non-solids, they are not given any form of exposure to it. So, when they see some wet gooey substance (food) in front of them, they tend to touch and feel it to know its consistency and other features. So, the artwork on the table is nothing but their experimentation.

This does not mean that your little one becomes a scholar immediately after creating the mess. What they do now will help them in the long run. So, whether it is Tina or Rina, don’t stop your kid from exploring her non-solids. This behaviour is totally natural among kids.



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