Common Mistakes At The Gym We All Make


Almost everyone is at the gym nowadays! But when you actually look at it, hardly a few are actually fit. Some lack time to be regular at the gym, others are plain lazy, while a majority actually put in a lot of effort but see very little results. Here’s why you aren’t happy with the results you see on your body. Here are some common mistakes at the gym that cause you to feel like quitting.

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Low intensity workouts

Low intensity workouts won't give you the results you desire

Low intensity workouts won’t give you the results you desire

No pain, no gain! Merely going to the gym won’t make you lose fat and build muscle. You have to push your body to the limit and stretch your boundaries each time! Give your 100% each time, and stretch your 100% the next time you try!

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Rushing through sets

In a hurry to get out of the gym? Well, your body won’t shape up like you want it to. Spend time and train your body to withstand pain so that your muscles can break and build.  Every exercise you perform requires your full concentration and perfect form to really get your muscles working.

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Lifting heavy too soon

Don’t put your body through hell straight away. Let it slowly work its way up there. Don’t move from the frying pan into the fire straight up! Gradually increase the bar so that your body can handle it without getting injured.

Lack of proper form

Learn proper form

Learn proper form

Every exercise you perform requires the use of proper technique and form to get the desired result. Before performing a new exercise learn the proper technique to do it, from your trainer or by doing some research online. Improper technique leads to injury and overstraining.

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Make a training plan

Be sure to chalk out your goals and your plan to reach them in advance. Make it rigorous if you have to, but leave margin for error.

All in all, don’t give up. Quitting is not losing; it is giving up on trying.

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