Mobile Phone Etiquette For The Workplace


Whether you are the CEO of a reputed firm or the receptionist who takes numerous calls a day, mobile phone etiquette at the workplace is something everyone must know. After all, you do not want to appear ignorant of basic courtesies, right?

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Avoid ‘Reading Under The Table’

Mobile Phone Etiquette For The Workplace

Checking your phone under the table during a meeting is not only annoying but disrespectful too

This is a norm observed in meeting rooms. A constantly ringing phone is not as annoying as you think. But checking your phone under the table, replying to emails, updating Facebook statuses, texting, tweeting are all as annoying as it gets. This is not only disregardful of the speaker but also questions your professionalism and attitude towards colleagues.

Personal Calls? Keep Them Private

Mobile Phone Etiquette For The Workplace

Don’t let your personal issues become office gossip. Besides, your colleagues are trying to work, better not distract them.

Make it a habit to take personal calls in private. Your personal matters need not be the whole workplace’s business. You never know when your issues might become fodder for gossip. Besides, your colleagues are trying to work, better not distract them. Needless to say, while only urgent calls should be attended, try and limit the number of calls you take/make so you don’t appear unfocused to your boss.

A Professional Ringtone Is Advisable

mobile phone etiquette

Loud, boisterous ringtones are a strict no-no

Loud, boisterous ringtones like entertainment or devotional songs are a strict no-no. Opt for ‘vibrate mode’ when you are at your desk. That way, even if you have to leave your phone unattended, it’ll cause no public distractions. In case, you are someone who does not prefer vibrate mode and would rather have a ringtone, choose a subtle, more professional tone like chimes or telephone ring and keep it on a low volume so that it causes least interruption.

Focus On The Person, Not The Call

Mobile Phone Etiquette For The Workplace

When meeting someone in person, avoid taking calls straight out. Disconnect it and leave a text message.

Phone call interruptions are as common as dirt. But this has to be taken care of when you are meeting someone in person. Whether it’s a meeting with a client or a review meet with the CEO, there are some calls that just can’t not be answered. But in the hurry, do not forget that the person opposite you is asking for your attention, the matter at hand needs your undivided focus. So instead of answering the call right at the first ring, disconnect it and leave a text message. This way, you do not appear irresponsible or rude and address the matter on the phone as well.

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Use these tips to curb your unprofessional phone etiquette at workplace and handle matters with more prudent sensitivity. Appear responsible while being responsible.

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