Most Common Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed


Death is known to be the end of survival, and the thought of dying itself scares everyone. Many people, mostly the senior citizens, speculate about the way they might die – Am I going to have a heart attack or will I die after a prolonged spell of illness? Death puts an end to electricity bills, house rents, petrol and diesel costs, and most importantly relationships. Though there are many assumptions about after-life, no one knows for sure about what happens after death. Globally, it is an accepted fact that death is the end of all good and bad times.

People recall their lifetime deeds on their deathbeds and either feel good or regret the situations they lived through. Only one in ten people are satisfied with their lifetime deeds and die content; the others end up regretting. Here are a few common regrets that people have on their deathbed.


I wish I had paid attention to what I wanted, more than what others wanted of me

Only a very few people realise that the life given to us is to selfishly live it for our own good. Many people allow others to make decisions in their lives and end up having truck loads of regrets. This is your life; it is your responsibility to value and fulfil your dreams.

I wish I hadn’t waste all the time working

Everyone desires to live a luxurious life, to own a mansion and provide their children with the best of branded products. People slog day and night to make their dreams come true and fail to spend more time with their loved ones. Valuing our dear ones is more important than work. At the end of the day, only family can be by your side, not the money that you earned by working overtime for all those nights.

I wish I hadn’t suppress my feelings

A lot of us do not have the courage to express our feelings fearing that the issues that we’re scared of might turn against us; it can either be a 15-year-old who suppressed his feelings for his crush, or the rigid husband who never expressed his love to his wife. People decide to courageously confess about suppressed feelings only on their deathbeds. Expressing feelings in the last moment does not mean that it has been fulfilled; it only lightens you.

I wish I had stayed in constant touch with my friends

Due to silly fights and small misunderstandings, many friendships are broken, and people think they moved on. But, the fact that they miss their friends will remain in the subconscious. We can share even the most intimate secrets only with our friends. So, stop wasting time on inane grudges that will make you regret on your deathbed.

I wish I was happier

Many people think they lived their life happily until they are on their deathbeds. Don’t bother about what others might think of your deeds. Don’t miss out on your favourite pastries, only because you want to maintain your figure. It is better to do what makes you happy now, rather than to recall your missed opportunities on your deathbed.

Life is a one time opportunity to prove to yourself; not anyone else. Cherish every moment.

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