My Unsuccessful Tryst With Weight Loss Centres


As my Bio on The Brunette Diaries says, I am an absolute foodie and chocolate addict who is perennially on a diet. Standing 5’5” tall, weighing between 54 and 56 kilos, I was never really “fat” per se; despite that, I would always be exercising and avoiding too much of oily, cheesy or creamy food… as much as my drooling taste buds would allow. I had always promised myself that I will not weigh more than 65kgs even when I am pregnant. Little did I know then what future had in store for me.

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When Hypothyroidism Hit Me

One not-so-fine day, a regular blood test revealed that Hypothyroidism has hit me. While the TSH levels should ideally be 0.5 to 4.5 units, mine was a staggering 184. Just to ascertain the unbelievable reports, I got another test done within 10 days. This time, my TSH level was an outrageous 224. A quick research on Hypothyroidism revealed a lot of side effects of my condition, but the one that scared me the most was – sluggish metabolism!

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Despite medication, Hypothyroidism wreaked havoc on my metabolism, thereby ensuring that I gain weight easily and have a hard time losing it. Very soon, my weighing machine laughed at me, “Girl, you’re touching 60kgs!” My no-oil, no-cheese, no-cream diets failed me. My exercise routines just didn’t show any results. With 65 not too far away, I started panicking… so much so that I decided to join slimming centres.

My Trysts With Slimming Centers

My first tryst was with a popular weight loss centre in Mumbai that claimed to help thousands of people to lose weight easily with the help of vibrating belts and the likes. My desperation coaxed me to shell out Rs.10,000 and enrol in their weight loss program. In addition to the “helpful” belts, I was given a dietician who gave me a long list of foods I need to buy from the market and consume, besides exercising for minimum 1 hour every day. Two months into the program, when I did not lose even half-a-kilo, I lost trust in them and discontinued the program.

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Within a year, my weighing machine compelled me to visit a popular chain of weight loss centres that claims to help lose weight naturally. After I parted with Rs.18,000 for a three-month program, I was given a dietician who gave me a long list of food that would help me lose weight when coupled with exercises. Déjà vu? Yep! But this time I was more determined to lose weight. At the end of three months, I managed to lose 2 kilos and touch 61.

Life Went On With My Pseudo Diet

Life continued as normal, with me continuing to be on a pseudo diet. I believed that I was eating right – after all, I was consuming low-calorie food and ensuring I don’t eat more than 1500 calories a day. Shrikhand (approx. 250 calories/100 gm), a small bar of Snickers (less than 100 calories), a packet of Parle-G with coffee (cumulative, less than 350 calories), a packet of Maggi (less than 350 calories), and the likes were my best friends whenever hunger struck me. My breakfast included either muesli or corn flakes with milk. Despite all my calorie counting, I never lost weight. I conveniently blamed Hypothyroidism for it.

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I stopped weighing myself. But my shopping trips kept on informing me that my waist size is increasing. Even my photos showcased my chubby cheeks, thunder thighs and thick arms. I missed being photogenic.

An Ugly Wakeup Call

In October 2016, I weighed myself. 68kgs. It hit me like a bolt of lightning. My heart sank. I started dieting again, this time seriously. Masala oats became my staple lunch. No more biscuits, I decided. Chocolates, I couldn’t give up on them; but I reduced the intake. Yet, no help.

A New Ray Of Hope

Then, in November, I came across a newspaper ad that belittled weight loss programs that I earlier believed in. In fact, they didn’t claim to be “the short cut to a slim-trim new you”. This is the ad that made me pick up my phone and send them an enquiry SMS.


To know what happened after this, stay tuned to The Brunette Diaries as I take you on my weight loss journey. Was the experience good or bad? Am I all set to rediscover my slim-trim self, or am I going to trip and fall yet again? You’ll know in the upcoming blogs I share with you. If this program is good, I’ll recommend it; but if it isn’t, I’ll caution you against it. So, until the next time, ciao! :)


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A complete foodie and chocoholic who is perennially dieting!

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