Myths About A Vegetarian Diet


Over the years, misconceptions have surrounded the vegetarian diet, condemning it for being lacking in nutrient value. Here we look at common myths about a vegetarian diet, and the truth about it!

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Vegetarians do not get enough protein

Vegetarian source of protein

Vegetarian source of protein

Many dieticians and nutritionists said this, till of late. Upon research, scientists have found out that vegetarians get plenty of protein, in fact. What they don’t get, however, is an excessive amount of protein available in the modern diet. So as long as they get enough, with fruits, grains, legumes and veggies, it is sufficient for fitness.

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Vegetarians don’t get enough calcium

Well, this myth has usually been applied to vegans, who eliminate even dairy products from their diet. The notion was that milk and cheese are the biggest sources of calcium out there. Granted, milk does give you a whole lot of calcium, but so do a host of other foods. Green leafy vegetables as well, are a rich source of calcium to the human body.

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Vegetarian diets are imbalanced

Vegetarians can have a balanced diet as well

Vegetarians can have a balanced diet as well

Most of us have learned about the balanced diet since childhood. However, the myth that goes around is that, vegetarians, who rate their principles over anything else, do not have a balanced diet. Truth is, vegetarians get a good proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fats. These three macro-nutrients are the cornerstone of a healthy and balanced diet.

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Vegetarian diets are not for kids

Most people believe that a vegetarian diet is alright for an adult, but a child needs meat to grow strong and healthy. Well, once again, this is like making an assumption that protein from plants is of a lesser value than protein from animals. Protein is protein, all of which is made up of amino acids. Children need this to grow up and it is readily available in a vegetarian diet as well.

So now that we’ve quashed these myths, you need not worry about being a vegetarian all your life. It’s your choice and there’s no need to listen to what people say.

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