Myths about first sex debunked


Having sex for the first time can either make you feel tensed or excited. On hearing various stories over the time and listening to friends giving tips about how to go about it can be pretty scary. There are so many myths about first sex. “Mind you, it is going to pain a lot!” is the most common myth that scares many women.

If you are a first timer, here are some myths that are debunked for your reference.

Myth 1: You must definitely bleed

It is not necessary for a woman to bleed during her first sex. But, unfortunately men have a different perception about it. Many people think that bleeding during first sex proves virginity. This is utter nonsense. When the hymen tears there are a few drops of blood, but it does not tear off only during the time of sex. With women indulging in various physical activities like cycling, doing yoga, being an athlete; it is common for the hymen to tear off at an early age itself.

Myth 2: It is painful

Usually, it pains only if the hymen is intact and is difficult to tear off. But, generally the thought of a ‘huge piece of flesh’ entering their vagina scares every woman. There is nothing to get scared of, because it is a much hyped scenario. It gives you pleasure more than pain. But, if you think that it is paining, you can do the act slowly.

Myth 3: Pain and burning sensation in vagina is dangerous

Usually, women complain about pain and inflammation in their vagina after their first sex. This can be either because the penis is big or was penetrated before the vagina was sufficiently lubricated. But, this is not dangerous in anyway. This is a common problem for many first timers. If the pain persists for more than a week, consult the doctor.

Myth 4: Peeing after sex avoids pregnancy

This is not true. Women urinate from their urethra and sexual intercourse happens in the vagina. Don’t confuse between the two. Only because your man couldn’t control his cum doesn’t mean that by urinating immediately, the sperms will fall out from your vagina.

So, now that the facts are clear, enjoy your first sex.

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