Myths about keeping a fish tank


Many people like having an aquarium at home. Unlike having cats and dogs that require a lot of work, fish tanks can be handled easily. We don’t have to indulge in compulsory evening walks nor potty train the fishes. Some people believe that having an aquarium at home helps to remove all the negative energy. But, are there more stories about owning an aquarium?

Here are top five myths about keeping a fish tank.

Myth 1: Managing and maintaining an aquarium is high-priced

This is not true. Maintaining a fish tank is easy, actually bigger tanks can be easily handled than what it seems like. The probable expense is spent on fish food, filtration and enough lighting for the tank. Otherwise, owning a fish tank is cost effective and easy to maintain.

Myth 2: The water in the tank should be changed on a daily basis

This idea is wrong and can actually kill your fish. The bacterium in the water helps fishes to survive; thus, by changing the water frequently you are eventually killing them. So, if anyone advices you to clean your fish tank daily, tell them the information is wrong and help them keep their fish alive.

Myth 3: Beginners should use small tanks


This is not true because small tanks kill fishes faster due to inadequate space for them to roam around. Small tanks are hard to maintain and owning one doesn’t benefit you as well as your fish. Whether it is just one fish or 10, it is advisable to own a bigger tank. Constraining them to very little space increases their mortality rate.

Myth 4: Catfish aka suckerfish keeps the tank clean


It is a false notion in people that catfish can keep the tank clean by consuming the excreta of other fishes in the tank. Now, would you eat your relatives poop to keep your house clean? Catfish is just another normal fish. Don’t expect it to do wonders to your tank. They don’t consume dirt so change the idea that you have about them.

Myth 5: Your fish will  be happier in its natural habitat

Don’t think you are doing a favour to your little fish by putting him back in some river or lake. By doing so, you are spoiling the eco system. These fishes that you buy from the aquariums are bred in captivity. They are used to living in tanks and cannot survive in the natural environment. By putting them back in the river or lake you are giving them high chances of being eaten up by their predators. These fishes are trained to loiter in tanks and eat fish food that the owner provides. Therefore, they don’t know to look out for food or to escape their predators.

Assumptions can kill your fishes. Toss out unnecessary thoughts about presumably saving your fish. For any fish, a pinch of love would do well along with good water conditions, fish food and a big fish tank.



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