Natural back pain remedies


Lower back problems are proven to be the number two reason why people consult a doctor, second only to the common cold. If you have a history of back problems and are considering core strengthening and other serious methods, here are some natural methods you can give a try:



Research has proven that people who regularly practice yoga found relief in their back pain symptoms. Yoga involves stretching which is necessary to reduce stiffness that causes spasms in the back.

OMT – Osteopathic Manual Therapy


Sessions of OMT have been proven to relieve back pain drastically. This therapy involves using gentle pressure on muscles and joints to relieve stress on them.

Comfrey root


Doctors have proved that an ointment that contains extracts from this plant reduces back pain by an astonishing 95%. This is highly recommended and can be found at any health store online. Only be sure not to use it for more than ten days at a stretch as it can be toxic.



This again has been proven to relieve back pain significantly. Most doctors and physiotherapists are of the belief that acupuncture is more effective than medication.



Massage therapists have obtained more clients after significant improvement in numbers of those who claimed back pain relief after treatment.



This is the most natural remedy for back pain relief which involves stretching on a daily basis to improve flexibility and mobility of your back muscles. Sitting long hours at your work desk is bad for your back and you must make it a point to stand up and stretch once every hour or two.

Your back is very important for all round health. As the health of your back deteriorates with age it is important to take care of it from the outset. Do all you can in your ability to make sure your back muscles are strong and mobile at all times.

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