Natural remedies to get rid of depression


In today’s fast paced world, there is no time to stop and wait. At times like this we always want a quick fix; be it any ailment, ranging from headaches to common colds. Depression has come into the category of a serious ailment in today’s traumatic and unforgiving result oriented work life. Even students bear the brunt of a heavy burden of studies during exams and assignment submission. Whenever people are under pressure, there is a tendency to break down. Relationship problems, work pressure, academic pressure or personal problems can cause depression and we all go through it at some point in our life. Here are some natural tips and tricks to overcome depression:



Originally, this ingredient was discovered as a cure for depression in Persia.  Scientists have proved that saffron is as effective as the medicine Prozac in treating depression.

Omega 3


People with depression were found to have low levels of omega 3. It was also found that countries with higher fish consumption had lower levels of depression. Considering this, a research found that omega-3 fatty acids derived directly from fish oils was very effective for treating depression.



One of the most potent weapons to fight depression is exercise. Exercise is proven to deflect your mind of the gravity of the situation that is causing depression. It also clears your mind of all the clutter as it improves mental health.


Appropriate sleep is another weapon to cut out depression. Sleeping at the right time and having a good amount of around 6-8 hours of sleep can negate the effects of depression and gradually rule it out.

Depression should never be an option for you. Some people choose to get into depression due to self pity. Depression sucks your health and does absolutely no good. Stay happy and healthy and you will never be depressed!

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