Nervous about entering college life?


All the butterflies in your tummy start to flutter as you approach the first day of college. What kind of friends are you going to make, how’s your class going to be, how will your lecturers be? All these questions start to pop up in your mind leaving you confused. Fret not; we at The Brunette Diaries are here to help you.

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The fear of approaching a new juncture in your life is very common, but as an adolescent, this fear can grip you if you are unprepared, so here’s help!


This major jump you will be making will change your surroundings and friends. Are you ready for it? First things first. Be yourself, nothing is more original than you. You are your best as you! Be the chirpy person you are with your school friends, everywhere you go. If you are a reserved person, open up a bit, but don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Your identity is what will set you apart from others and give you that unique aura about you that will make people want to flock to Mr/Ms Popular!

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Let your style be original

Let your style be original

Yup, yup, have an original style. The rich kid, the cool kid, the poor kid, all of them look alike in uniform. It’s time for a change in all of that. College corridors can be like a fashion show nowadays. So maintain a style that is cool, comfortable and fashionable enough to draw attention. Don’t go overboard or you’ll seem like you are pushing it.

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Make fitness (not food) your friend! Travelling for lectures, college festivals, project work and all these things will be more productive if you are fit. Obviously you will get to enjoy food like never before, because you have more freedom to travel, but make sure you have some sort of fitness regime to cope up.

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Set your priorities right, let fun and studies be well balanced

Set your priorities right, let fun and studies be well balanced

Balancing priorities is of utmost importance in college life. Let fun be a big part of your life. But make sure studies are important as well!


If you are living on pocket money through college, make sure you budget well; else you may end up spending more than your parent are willing to give you.


You’re going to meet a whole big bunch of new people in college –people you may never have come across before and some that you may never have spoken to in school. Make sure you end up in the right friend circle!

Now that you’ve got all your ends covered, it’s time to walk into college life with your head held high, with no fear of anything!

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