Never Stop Doing These 4 Chivalrous Things After Marriage


They say “Marriage is a sacred bond”. But, as the years roll on, there is a tendency to take things for granted. Married men generally slack off and pay little attention to the bitsy details which their lady needs so desperately. And by bitsy details, we aren’t talking about putting children to bed or fixing the hair dryer. What we mean is the love, affection and chivalry that were once an integral part during the all important dating days. So, before you head into troubled waters with your soul mate, we’d like to remind you of the 4 chivalrous things after marriage that you ought to do again.

1. Cherish her hands

holding hands

Holding hands can strengthen a bond

If ladies had their way, holding hands after marriage would well be law and we’re not kidding on that one. It is one thing that the relationship has completed many years, maybe even the silver jubilee; it is another thing using that as an excuse to not hold hands. Find out what it is that is holding you back from touching those perfectly beautiful hands that have shaped your life and get back at it again.

What’s in it for you? Life time of happiness and a reassuring feeling. Period.

2. Walk with her

walk with your partner

Relive the magical moments by walking with your partner

Most males have a habit to walk at their own pace, caring little about the partner. It may not look rude to you, but it does to the lady. While we don’t endorse being a wife’s puppet, walking by her side and giving her due importance can go a long way in getting her to like you even more. And if you don’t believe us on this one, then you deserve the ‘Jerk’ in hushed voice that she mouths.

3. Opening doors is still chivalrous

holding door

Holding doors for a lady is the gentleman’s way

It’s a very well known fact that all men during the dating period and the early stages of marriage hold doors for their girlfriend or wife. But as laziness kicks in, this gesture goes out of the window. Just to get the facts right, women love gentleman. Many men confuse this simple task to be below their pride, but it is far from it. In fact, a man holding a door for his lady gets to re-enter her good books. Now, that’s an incentive in itself.

4. Never stop surprising her


Surprise gift are a clincher at all times

Familiarity kills, and what kills more is boredom. If you stop surprising the lady you love, you are entering a dangerous domain in a relationship. All you should be thinking of is the next surprise getaway which will blow her mind or gifting her a makeup kit she likes. The killer thing about this is she doesn’t expect you to do all these things, but deep down yearns for it. And, when she sees her man putting in those extra yards, she is bound to be buoyed and you can expect a surprise in return.

While life is short, the moments spent together with a loved one are still shorter. So, while you have the chance make the most of it, walk around, give hugs and enjoy holy matrimony.

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