New hot makeup trends for 2014


After the much awaited Lakme Fashion Week that concluded recently, a few trends have sprung up that have caught everybody’s attention. Whether you are a college student, a party goer, an office goer or maybe even a housewife, you need to be updated with these latest trends. It is time to update your makeup kit! Here are a few new trends that have caught the fancy of fashion lovers all over:

Bright lips


Make up is getting bolder each season. This time over, the shades of makeup overpower the other aspects of fashion like clothing. Bright lipsticks are the in-thing! Colours like orange, fuchsia, tangerine and vermillion are bold and beautiful and you ought to try them out!

Golden glow


Summer is here! Try and embrace it rather than shun it. Summer tans can look extremely sexy if you can pull it off with confidence! Pull off the golden goddess look with your summer tan and you can be sure to floor the boys!

White eyeliner


You may think this trend can only make you look crazy. But check out the ladies who have pulled this one off – sexier than ever! It makes your eyes look dynamic and draws attention to it!

Candy lips


Lips that you cannot resist! Candylicious babes are irresistible! If you are bold enough to try out shades like bubblegum pink, cherry or candy floss pink, you are sure to get any man drooling.

Smokey eyes


This trend never seems to get old. In fact, each season it gets bigger and bolder! This style can make a simple girl look like a super diva! So, don’t hesitate to try this trend.

Dewy makeup


This trend has been ruling the red carpet for quite a while now. Radiant dewy facial makeup that makes you look like you have just returned from a long sea voyage is the new trend!

These trends have taken the world by storm and you need to make sure you catch up! Try these out if you are feeling bold about yourself today!

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