New Ways To Wear Eyeliner This Season!


Everybody knows by now (hopefully) that eyeliner enhances and defines our eyes, and makes them look bigger and brighter. But this season, it’s more about exploring new options! We’re talking bright lines, gold flecks and even ombré eyeliner! Here are a few of our favorite new ways to wear eyeliner this spring!

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Gold flecks:

A hint of gold can add a sparkle to your eyes, ways to wear eyeliner,

A hint of gold can add a sparkle to your eyes

Rev up your eyeliner with a hint of gold on the inner corner or the outer wing (or both!) for a fresh new spring look!

Careless cat eye:

The careless cat eyeThe careless cat eye, ways to wear eyeliner,

The careless cat eye

No need to spend so many precious minutes in front of the mirror doing and re-doing the cat eyeliner. This trick needs just one second! Simply flick out the eyeliner from your lower waterline and no need to be careful because that’s how we roll!

Ombré eyeliner:

We love this Ombré eyeliner! What about you? ways to wear eyeliner,

We love this Ombré eyeliner! What about you?

If you’ve loved ombré on the ramp and in your wardrobe, you’ll love it even more on the eyes! It’s very easy to get this look if you practise a few times. Just use a white pencil to line your waterline first going inside-out and then choose any coloured liner and apply it from the opposite direction stopping in the centre. Absolutely gorgeous!

Dotted eyeliner:

Dotted eye liner, ways to wear eyeliner,

Dotted eyeliner

If you want a completely new and refreshed look then try this edgy dotted liner. Simply use a liquid liner or a liner pencil and put dots on your upper and lower lash line. Voila! So chic!

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Lived-in eyeliner:

The smudged or lived-in eyeliner , ways to wear eyeliner,

The smudged or lived-in eyeliner

Apply a little bit of eyeliner pencil or kohl on your upper and lower lash line and smudge it gently with your fingers for this soft and lived-in effect.

Pop of colour:

Add a pop of colour for a new twist, ways to wear eyeliner,

Add a pop of colour for a new twist

Although this trend isn’t exactly new, the colours being used are definitely unique these days! Move over blues, purples and greens, the colours of the season are yellow, red, bright corals and gold! Just add a little bit in the inner corner or the centre of the upper/lower lash line.

Ultra thin eyeliner:

Ultra thin eyeliner, ways to wear eyeliner,

Ultra thin eyeliner

Bold black eyeliner is a thing of the past. These days, thin is in when it comes to lining the eyes. Use a gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner to trace a very thin line sticking as close to your natural lash line as possible. We love this ultra modern and ultra chic look!

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We loved them all! Which of these new eyeliner trends are you going to try out first?

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