Not Happy With Your Tattoo? Here Are Ways To Get Rid Of It


Was your tattoo the result of a decision taken in split second, a dare from your buddies, a decision taken during drunken revelry or is it the name of your partner whom who’ve broken up with? Now that the disaster has already occurred, it has turned out to be a classic case of “Act in haste and repent in leisure”! All you think you have to do is to bear the brunt of the decision and the torture of having to put up with the questions that everybody has to come up with. You have almost gone into hibernation and desperately wish that the tattoo would disappear overnight, like a snake changing its skin! Chillax, it’s not the end of the world and there are ways to how you can get rid of it…forever!

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not happy with your tattoo

Laser tattoo removal is a painful process

If you are not happy with your tattoo and would like to remove it, laser is the best way to go about it. It is a safe procedure, though expensive. Usually all tattoo parlours and skin treatment salons offer laser tattoo removal services. This technique breaks up the pigment colours of your tattoo with high-intensive ray of light. Black ink of tattoos is the easiest to remove as the colours absorbs the high-intensity rays completely. While inking the tattoo, the artist inks several layers of the human skin to ensure that the tattoo is dark, permanent and fast.

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Whether your tattoo can be entirely removed depends on the colour pigment(s) that has been used in it. If it is black, the elimination of the tattoo will be comparatively easier than some stubborn pigments, like green and yellow. Some other pigments, like red, can also be removed entirely. The time that will be required to remove the tattoo depends on the amount of ink that has been used for your tattoo. Removing an outline tattoo will take lesser time than one with details. Laser tattoo removal procedure is considered to be painful but, considering that you want to get your tattoo removed, you’d rather prefer going for it, right?

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not happy with your tattoo

Consider getting a cover-up tattoo if you are not happy with your tattoo

However as mentioned earlier, getting a laser tattoo removal is extremely expensive. Most of us can’t afford it. But if you are not happy with your tattoo or have come to like it lesser and lesser over the years, a tattoo removal doesn’t have to be the only answer. For tattoo enthusiasts who hate their tattoo design, there is another option. Corrective or cover-up tattoos! If your tat has gone horribly wrong,  you can get a cover-up tattoo inked right over it. A corrective or cover-up tattoo will effectively camouflage the previous one underneath it. These days many artists specialize in corrective and cover-up tattoos and do a great job of it. All you need to do is look for a good cover-up artist and consult him/her as to how you could cover or hide your old tattoo.

Just because you are not happy with your tattoo does not mean the end of the world. After all, tattoos do give you a second chance!

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