Not losing weight? Here are 6 reasons for it!


So many times it happens that you try your level best, eat the best food, exercise, but still are unable to lose weight. That flab of yours doesn’t decrease and the awkwardness on seeing someone’s perfect figure doesn’t leave you alone. Here are some reasons why you are not losing weight.

Problems losing weight

Not consuming healthy food

Are you absolutely sure that the food you eat is healthy? You think eating anything and everything and sweating it out through rigorous work out will help you lose weight? Then you are certainly wrong! Don’t think that you can eat whatever you want to and sweat it out – this doesn’t help! For example: You may think that one little samosa or pastry wouldn’t do you much harm since you will hit the gym the next day; but to reduce the 400 calories you gathered in those five minutes, you will have to jog on the treadmill for complete two hours! So, be precise with your calorie intake. Jot down your exact weekly calorie intake for better insight. Remember not to starve yourself or skip your meals as that will only lower your metabolism, not help you lose weight.

Improper sleep

Hashing out on your normal sleeping hours doesn’t help in losing weight at all. Do not hit the sack late with this notion in your mind. Making yourself sleep deprived will only make you feel hungry and keep you less motivated to exercise. Try going to sleep at a fixed hour each night and engage in some relaxing activity like reading before sleeping because that helps invite sleep easily.

Are you cheating?

If you have determination then you can surely lose weight at one go. You can’t cheat yourself by stuffing your belly with two burgers and feeling you will avoid from the next day. Skipping workouts is also a very bad idea, my friend! Even following the same routine of exercises in the gym would only be effective till your muscles adapt to them and are okay with it. To keep your body guessing, you will have to keep bringing variety to your exercise pattern and routine.

Bad choice of exercises

Have you have been exercising regularly for a while now while your weight still refuses to budge? It is possible that you are on the wrong track and not doing correct exercise. Work out according to an exercise plan and focus on burning calories as well as building lean muscles. That’s sure to make you lose weight quickly and effectively.

Lack of stress busters

Of late if you’ve been too stressed, chances are you’ll find it difficulty in lose weight. Stress makes human body to produce Cortisol, a hormone that increases your hunger and results in weight gain. All you need is to combat stress effectively. So make sure you eat to shed stress with food and not just satisfy your hunger.

Hormonal disorders

Gaining a lot of weight can also be the result of an ill-functioning thyroid. Meet your doctor and check if you have hypothyroidism. The weight increases manifolds in this condition as the metabolism drops drastically. Specific medication and exercises are recommended, but you need to get yourself checked first before taking any step further. In such conditions heavy workouts are not the solution as they can worsen your state.


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