‘Not so famous’ tips to lose weight


Most weight loss strategies involve calorie deficits, cardiovascular training and weight training programmes. However, there are many unusual diets that can actually help you lose weight and are not so fancied by diet experts. Here we list a few ‘not so famous’ tips to lose weight:

Grapefruit is a good weight loss food

Grapefruit is a good weight loss food

The grapefruit diet

Eating a single grapefruit a day helped 58% subjects lose weight in a research experiment. This diet existed in the United States and did not gather much fame.

Refrain from scented cosmetics

Scented cosmetics make us crave the foods they remind us of, which ultimately makes us eat more.

Distract yourself

This is one tip that many diet experts do not have in their books. Learning to knit, getting into the habit of reading and getting busy with a sport can make you binge on in-between-meal foods lesser. This will help you to lose weight.

Work standing up

Obviously not the entire day, but research has shown that standing up and working can make you lose 30% more calories than sitting down and working.

Quit snacking

Many conventional diet experts would suggest this method, but of late this method has drowned away. The main reason for this is to accommodate people’s compromises in dieting. However, it is advisable to not snack between meals at all.


Cayenne peppers are known to boost metabolism

Cayenne peppers are known to boost metabolism

In Mexico, many experts believe that having Cayenne peppers can significantly improve your metabolism which in turn will help you lose weight.

Brush your teeth and gargle

If you want to refrain from binging right before going to bed or after you wake up in the afternoon, try gargling your mouth or brushing your teeth. Your minty fresh breath will discourage you from snacking on anything unhealthy.

These unusual, ordinary and ‘not so famous’ tips to lose weight have seldom been considered by weight loss experts, but they sure can be used.

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