Not-To-Be-Ignored Monsoon Feet Care Dos And Don’ts


Getting wet at some point or another during the rainy season is unavoidable if you step out of your house. You can manage to keep your upper body dry to a good extent; however, your feet don’t stand a chance. No matter how hard you try, your feet will get wet and mucky. Muck and dirty water can give rise to fungal infections and itchy feet. Special monsoon feet care is a must and here are some things you should keep in mind.

Wash Your Feet

As soon as you reach home wash your feet thoroughly with warm water to get rid of the accumulated dirty-water-residue and muck. If you are out of home and can’t manage warm water, use normal tap water instead, but wash you must.

Cut Toe Nails

It is generally a healthy habit to clip your toe nails and not grow them out; and in this season in particular, it is extremely important. Keep your toe nails trimmed and buffed, to avoid the accumulation of infection-breeding dirt and muck in the space between your skin and nail. Also, try to go in for a pedicure once in a while. If you can’t make the time to go out for a pedicure, then do a simple one at home.

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Groom Your Feet

Pay attention to grooming your feet this monsoon, monsoon feet care

Pay attention to grooming your feet this monsoon.

For a DIY pedicure at home, add any liquid antiseptic solution to a tub of warm water and soak your feet in it for a while. Use a good scraper to scrub your feet and get rid of any dirt.

Use a pumice stone for the tougher areas of the heel and scrub in a circular motion to get the dirt out from cracks and smoothen the surface of your heel. Follow this with an application of a moisturiser.

As for your toes and space in between them, wash them out with water and dry them with a towel. Spray some anti fungal powder here to keep it from becoming a breeding ground for fungus and infections.

Don’t Ignore Cuts

If a stone or any other object on the road nicked the skin on your feet, even a little scratch, don’t ignore it. Such wounds, even if tiny, are excellent stations for germs to enter into your body and cause you harm. To avoid this, make sure your clean the wound well with an antiseptic solution and keep it dry thereafter. If the wound is larger, your best bet is to consult a doctor immediately.

Dry Your Footwear

As essential as it is to care for your feet, it is just as essential to take care of your footwear too. Damp footwear not only breeds bacteria but also give out a horrible odour. Clean your footwear and let it air dry completely before wearing it again.

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Skip The Socks

Our advice this season is totally skip wearing socks. Socks get wet and not only give out an odour but also don’t allow your feet or shoes to get dry, keeping them damp. If it is absolutely essential for you to wear socks at your workplace then carry a spare pair that you can change into, if the one you are wearing gets wet. You can also keep a spare pair of shoes at work to change into.

Wear The Right Footwear

Wear the right footwear during the rains, monsoon feet care

Wear the right footwear during the rains

It is very important to wear the right kind of shoes during the rains. Wearing the wrong kind will not only give you grief in terms of slippery or smelly shoes, but will also spoil your shoes if they aren’t meant to be worn in the rain.

Floaters are a good option during this season. They last for years and are perfect rainwear because of its open, water-resistant body.

Crocs give your feet more protection than floaters. They are lightweight and don’t hold water. They make a good investment for this season.

Wellington Boots or gum boots are the classic go-to monsoon footwear that keep your feet and even a good portion of your legs covered. They can be worn by both males and females alike.

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At all costs avoid wearing canvas and leather shoes. One soaks water while the other is prone to fungus. Besides, the rains will ruin them both.

Proper monsoon feet care is not to be ignored if you want to remain healthy through these months!


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