Oh! So You’re Just A Housewife?


“What do you do?”

“I’m a housewife.”

A housewife is an all-rounder woman

A housewife is an all-rounder woman

And then, comes a volley of exclamatory remarks and questions thrown at you from various unpredictable angles and at irregular intervals – Oh! You’re not working? Not even from home? Or part time? But you are a well-educated, qualified woman! So, why aren’t you working? Why waste your time simply sitting at home? Sometimes, it is followed up with bizarre questions like – “Don’t you feel like the entire house is coming to devour you?” Phew!

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Every educated housewife has had such a conversation with someone or the other. And she is left puzzled regarding which question to answer first and what the third last question exactly was! Usually the only decipherable thought that dominates her mind is – “Oh no, not again!”

If you’re a housewife too, you’d agree that predictably, there is nothing much going on in the life of a housewife, except…

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You wake up insanely early in the morning, much before anybody else in the house. Then without even taking a few minutes to enjoy your tea and the newspaper, you head straight to the kitchen and start preparing the morning meal for people who are still tucked in their beds. For your kid’s breakfast you make their favorite omlet toast, then you make their favorite pizza for their lunchbox and sneak in healthy veggies in it. Then you make your adult child’s (read: husband’s) lunch, breakfast and tea. You coax your children and hubby dearest out of their beds (with great difficulty), usher them to the bathroom and head back to the kitchen to lay out the breakfast table. After every one is happily fed, you help the children get ready and beg your husband to drop them off at school/crèche. Before you get a minute to sit down, the doorbell rings and your housemaid, whom you’ve strictly asked not to come before 7:30 am, invariably manages to turn up and takes over the kitchen. Alas! there goes your morning tea!

After the maid leaves, you rush to make lunch while your Mother-in-law keeps calling out to you every few minutes because she can’t find her spectacles. You prepare the day’s lunch keeping in mind that your father-in-law is a diabetic and your mother-in-law doesn’t like her food too spicy. Then you serve them. By the time you’ve finished eating your lunch, it’s almost time to fetch your little one from the day care. You take a supersonic shower and run to the crèche. On the way you realize it’s time for your children’s school bus to arrive so you head to the bus stop. Back home, you force-feed the children some food and ask them to nap while you clean the house. The evening goes by making your children study, till it is dinner time and the same morning routine follows, after which you tuck your children in, clear the table and settle for a night’s rest much later than all the lights at your home have been switched off. That’s a perfect recipe for getting bored at home, right?

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“Housework is what a woman does that nobody ever notices until she doesn’t do it.”


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