Old age homes – a convenient reality


‘Old age homes’ was a taboo word at one point but with a fast paced lifestyle, time for family is turning into a secondary purpose. While Daddy and Mummy had all the time in the world to take care of us, most of us reject the fact that old age also needs the care and love of a toddler and a teenager. But really, who can vouch for old age homes today? Has it become a convenient reality?

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The fact of the matter is that with both parents working and children having school/classes/music lessons/sports, there isn’t much time to give to the senior citizens in the family. Harsh but true, this is what is happening in today’s world. I wouldn’t call it money hungry, but standards of living have risen to heights that most people struggle to meet with. This brings up the need (yes, need) to neglect family. :(

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Lonliless can become a reality for the elderly

Loneliness can become a reality for the elderly

The biggest factor that makes old age homes a reality is loneliness. Loneliness becomes a void that cannot be filled up. Parents and children become too busy to care for and love their elderly loved ones who end up falling into depression.

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Amenities for the elderly at old age homes

Amenities for the elderly at old age homes

The home may not always have amenities that can help and take care of elders. Full time health care facility, elderly indoor games (Carrom, cards etc), special sanitary requirements, open gardens, outdoor activities that suit their age, etc are some of the amenities that could bless their lives.


Elders can make friends in old age homes that they couldn’t have had made back at home. This will relieve their minds of the loneliness and depression and help them to live happier lives.

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There are innumerous schemes that can help the elderly at age old homes. Annapurna Scheme, National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), Programme for Older Persons (NISD), Free Legal and Income tax rebates are some schemes that can be made use to help with financial, social and medical problems that they may face.

Besides this, it is also convenient to meet them once in a while and keep a track on their needs. Yes, loving them is of utmost importance, and taking care of them in your home first is the primary need, but if all aforementioned reasons back you to, an old age home is a good choice. But make sure you research and find out the best one for your beloved.

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