One Night Stand: Dos And Don’ts


Sex seems to be the need of this hour and very few might disagree. Well, it is a basic need of all human beings and there is nothing wrong in fulfilling it with the ‘no-strings-attached’ trend being practised these days. Better known as a one-night stand, the society might not have accepted this trend openly, but so many youngsters as well as adults indulge in it every day behind locked doors. However, there is a difference between having sex with your partner and a one-night stand. While you might have sex with your partner multiple times and the reason could be both love and pleasure, all a one-night stand gives you is mental and physical satisfaction.

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Tricky yet in vogue, a no-strings-attached night out can do wonders for you. However, here are certain dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind when you take the plunge:

One night stands are very common in today's times

One night stands are very common in today’s times


Night clubs, bars and pubs are the best places to hook up with people you want to have a one-night stand with. Remember that it is safe with strangers.

Exchange as much less personal information as possible because you will definitely not like to be stalked after the ‘big night’.

Well, as we know it is one of those lusty encounters you have every time you go clubbing; keep it free of love or any other emotion.

Check in at a hotel room which you feel is safe and also frisk the room for any hidden cameras before you start the act. If the man’s house is empty, nothing better than that.

Always carry a condom, irrespective of whether you are a girl or guy, if you are very frequent with your no-strings-attached sex outings. If you don’t have it, make sure you pick it up on your way.

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You can be a little genuine and leave a note next morning for your still sleeping one-night stand partner. Just mention that you are going and maybe how good or bad it was. No giving away any more information.

Avoid getting attracted to the person with whom you had a one night stand, it complicates the situation

Avoid getting attracted to the person with whom you had a one night stand, it complicates the situation


Do not look for someone in your social circle to have a no-strings-attached session with. Sex is as satisfying as cruel and might back-fire any time in any manner. Keep your image clean in the social circle you are a part of.

Exchanging contact numbers is a big no-no if you want it to be just a one-night sexy stand and nothing more than that.

Don’t do it out of love. Just do it because you want to have some fun and ample of pleasure. Therefore, no further relationships with the man or woman or both if it is a threesome…

If you are a girl, no taking the guy to your house for one-night stands. You don’t want him to know where you live, right? Security becomes a major issue in such situations.

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‘Protection’ is the word! Sex with a stranger and no condom is not acceptable. How much ever excited you are, don’t forget to slip on the rubber!

Even if the night was incredibly great and you can’t stop drooling, no extending it another day or night. What you have done is gone and should be forgotten.

So, have sex, enjoy your one-night stand, but don’t cross the line. If you follow these simple dos and don’ts on your no-strings-attached night out, you are going to be safe, satisfied and sexy!

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