Pamper Those Beautiful Nails


You want to perfectly groom yourself – your hair is never messy, your face gleams like a star, make-up dare not smudge ever but one glance at your nails, and they go “Eeeww”!! Top to bottom you are spick and span but those ugly, chipped untidy nails can ruin everything.

If you are the one who thinks getting dainty and delicate as well as pretty nails are difficult to achieve, you can’t be more wrong. Follow these quirky nail care steps for charming nails:

The most important part of your is the cuticle therefore moisturise it regularly. If it is healthy, the nail will be healthy. Instead peeling off the growing cuticle you should oil them regularly to have those appealing nails.

Caring for your nails is imperative for their well-being

Caring for your nails is imperative for their well-being

Having yellow nails simply means you have been abusing them by frequent change of nail polish and no basecoat. It’s only after 15-20 days that you should change your nail colour. Take a break from polish for a couple of days. Your nails need a breather too! Polish removers should not be used often as they can dry your nails. Also avoid the cheaper Acetone and opt for nail polish remover instead of that.

If you have nails that chip, include nuts in your diet. Apply an acrylic coat to protect the nails from chipping.

Having ingrown nails is a phenomenon usually seen in toenails. Instead of over the toe, the nail grows into the skin along the edge of the toe. You should visit a professional every 20 days to get the part penetrating the skin removed completely and do not let grow. Such a nail is advised to be filed in a round shape.

Ingrown toenails are painful

Ingrown toenails are painful

Finally, filing nails every week make them look neat and the dirt stuck in your toe-nails should not be avoided as well; scrub it off daily to portray that well groomed pretty look! Let your hands do all the talking by following these easy tips.

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