People Calling You Fat? Here’s How To Deal With Fat-Shaming


The internet is a breeding ground for many parasites. One such group of parasites are the ‘body-shaming’ ones. Body shaming, especially fat shaming, is alarmingly rising in our day-to-day lives. And the internet generation has seen a surge in this horrendous ‘trend’ which is one of the worst forms of bullying. No wonder, it is extremely difficult to deal with fat shaming. It affects people’s confidence and makes them feel worse about themselves and their bodies. So, today, I’m here to tell you the ultimate truth (the one that really matters) – no one has the right to comment on your body or image, or to tell you that you are fat! Why do they need to tell you about the unhealthy side effects of being fat, as if you are ignorant! Why do they need to be pricky and give you reasons to not be proud of your body? The truth is that such behaviour is abusive and you are being victimized. Stop right there! Do not allow yourself to be affected by the parasites. Here are some pointers on how to deal with fat-shaming.

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Beauty has no weight limit! Stop fat-shaming

Beauty has no weight limit!

  • Realize that your weight is not an indicator of how healthy you are. You could be overweight and still be more agile, swift, flexible, fast, healthy, and much better than a slim person who is not so healthy from within.
  • It’s true that there have been some connections between obesity and different health problems; but that doesn’t mean health problems only arise because of the obesity.
  • Your family has the right to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, but other than your doctor, nobody has the right to tell you that you are unhealthy.
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The best way to react to body-shaming is loving your body

  • Do not give anybody the right or the chance to tell you that you shouldn’t be proud of your body.
  • Being healthy is really important, but it isn’t just about eating healthy and exercising. Being healthy is also about the way you feel. A positive attitude will help you feel good about yourself.

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  • When a person tries to fat-shame you, do not become aggressive lest you follow suit. They abuse because they see imperfections in themselves and it is their insecurity that makes them victimize others.
  • Do not feel that you are anything less than anybody else. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.
  • Be yourself. If you let these petty issues affect you, you’ll lose your real self and that’s not even the last thing you want.
  • People do not fall in love with bodies, so don’t even underestimate yourself because of your body shape. It’s beautiful!
  • Your amazing personality and energy will attract people to you. Look your best. Carry yourself with confidence. Look into the mirror and admire yourself, your body and your real self, It’s what makes you so special and you shouldn’t hate it.

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Be proud, be brave, and show the world that you are more than happy with your body and that you are not ashamed to flaunt it in your selfies :)

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