Perfect Necklines For Your Anarkali


Anarkali is an Indian ethnic wear that has had a terrific impact on the country’s fashion world. It is a stylish traditional outfit that can be sported on various occasions and festive seasons. Even celebrities have sported this attire at various events. Here are a perfect necklines for your Anarkali to help you sport a trendy look to this time-honoured attire.

Scoop neckline


If you have a sexy collar bone worth flaunting then this neckline is for you. It is neither too deep nor too high. It is best to leave the neck free of any sort of neck-pieces when sporting this style.

V neckline


If you are conscious of your cleavage being visible, you can avoid a deep ‘V’ neckline. This is a good one for your Anarkali as well.

Illusion neckline


A mesh or netted material that gives an illusion of an exposed neck is also an option for Anarkali. But remember to wear your dupatta in such a way that the neckline gets its share of limelight.

Sweetheart neckline


It is the shape of your bust and is the favourite one for many ladies. This can suit well for an Anarkali provided you don’t hide the neckline with your dupatta.

Keyhole neckline


Keyhole neckline allows you to wear your dupatta stylishly. You can either wear your dupatta on one side of your shoulders or bring it from behind your waist and let it lie on your forehands. You can stick to a smaller keyhole if you are not convinced about the idea of showing your cleavage.

Bateau neckline


If you have a small neck, this neckline will suit you the best.

Collar neckline


Honestly, this one is not suitable for all women. Only a few can flaunt a collar neckline elegantly. It is advisable to have a trial run before you purchase this one.



If you have a slender neck, this neckline will suit best. You can opt for hooked, buttoned, open or high-neck collar to look dazzling.

Swan neckline


Long or three-quarter sleeves suit well for this neckline. Avoid draping your dupatta around your neck, lest you hide the neckline.

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